zSuite Review and Bonus

zSuite LogoProduct: zSuite
Type: Web-based Software
Price: $68.00+
Creators: Bertranddo & Martin Crumlish (Youzign Team)
zSuite is a web based platform to easily create all kind of graphics (Youzign), mockups (Mockzign), logos (Logozign), and GIFs & Animations (Gifzign). You can create graphics for Social Media Covers, Video Graphics, Promotional Material (as Business cards, Flyers and Loyalty cards) and Kindle Covers. Or create any other graphic you want with custom sizes. Just think about buttons, call-to-actions, guarantee boxes, post cards, headers, banners, memes, infographics, sales pages and more. With zSuite the sky is truly the limit.

Create Stunning Graphics within Minutes

zSuite Review and Bonus

What is zSuite ?

zSuite is a cloud-based platform to easily create all kind of graphics, mockups, logos, GIFs and animations for any purpose you want. It’s a suite of tools consisting of 4 main software modules and some extra bonuses:

  • Youzign (see below).
  • Gifzign (see below).
  • Mockzign (see below).
  • Logozign (see below).
  • Bonus #1: Sozign. Easily schedule all your posts in advance on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Bonus #2: Teamclerk. Manage your personal and professional projects online. You an invite up to 10 team members
  • Bonus #3: YOUSTART Video Training Course. Everything you need to know about getting started with zSuite, visual marketing and launching your brand online even if you have zero design skills.
  • Bonus #4: Weekly Training Webinars. Join the zSuite for one hour of free trainings every Friday. Plus instant access to nearly 2 years (100+ webinars) worth of recorded training.
  • Bonus #5: Unlimited Priority Support.

Let’s discuss the main modules in more detail…


This is main module and the first product the team created before expanding their arsenal into a bunch of graphic tools. Youzign is one of the 5 best selling products on JVZoo ever…

It’s the perfect tool to create stunning and engaging digital and print designs fast, even if you have zero design experience. It comes with 60 pre-made formats with the proper settings/sizes for:

  • Social Media Covers: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Google+, and Pinterest.
  • Video Graphics such as lower-thirds which can be used for Google Hangouts or any camera-facing videos.
  • Promotional Material as Business/Loyalty Cards, Post Greeting & Business Cards, Coupons, Gift Certificates and Flyers.
  • Sales Page Graphics Memes & Infographics.
  • TeeSpring T-Shirt Designer.
  • Headers and Advertising Banners.
  • eBook and Amazon Kindle Covers.

But you can also create any other graphic you want with custom sizes. Just think about buttons, call-to-actions, guarantee boxes, banners, memes, infographics, sales pages and more. With Youzign the sky is truly the limit.

How does Youzign work?

Youzign 3-step process

Main features of Youzign

  • Easy to use dashboard with slick and fast interface. Access and share all your designs online from any device.
  • WYSIWYG and advanced editing:
    • Simply click, drag, drop, edit and see your changes in real time.
    • Keyboard shortcuts, move to front, move to back, center, flip and lock layers, duplicate and opacity control and more.
    • Auto-save feature.
    • Unlimited undo history.
    • Use your own (desktop/system) fonts or Youzign’s preloaded huge source of open source fonts.
    • You can save your graphics with transparent backgrounds.
  • Image options:
    • Pixabay (400,000+), Stock Unlimited Vector Images (300,000+) and IconFinder (500,000+) integrated free images right at your fingertips.
    • Upload your own images.
    • Instant Image Cropping with rotation or different shapes.
    • Customize graphics instantly. Easily edit the colors of any of the built-in graphics.
    • Instant Background Removal and built-in background patterns.
    • Filter effects such as black and white, vignette, polaroid sepia and more.
  • One-click preview. Preview your designs as they would look on Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, etc.. You can even generate realistic 3D preview of your flyers and business cards.
  • Chrome Plugin for one-click access to zSuite on the go from the Chrome browser.
  • Complete WordPress Integration. With this free plugin you can select and add your graphics directly into your blog posts/pages.
  • Mobile Version. Access, preview and download your designs (read-only) from any mobile devices with an internet connection.
  • Free hosting on Amazon S3. All your projects and graphics will automatically saved and hosted for free on S3.
  • Supports any languages.
  • Share designs with any other user. Free access to Youzign marketplace to easily buy or sell your designs.
  • Integrated into 50+ top marketing apps.

Watch the demo video for Youzign 2.0, created by the vendor/creator Martin Crumlish…

What makes Youzign so special?

Youzign has some great features that other free image editing or graphic creation software programs (such as Paint, Gimp, Pixlr and Canva) don’t have. Features as Pixabay/Iconfinder integration (you have over 1,3 million free images/icons that you can select and use directly into zSuite), the pre-made templates with one-click preview (save you a lot of time going back- and forward for testing your designs on social media etc.), the background removal tool (try this with any of the free plugins and you know what I am talking about), WordPress integration and the feature to save your images with transparent background.

On the other hand, it comes with less editing features as with the more expensive (and not so easily to learn and use) tools like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

So Youzign is well positioned between the free and high-end/expensive photo shopping tools.

But that’s just Youzign. What about the other modules?


Gifzign Review and Bonus

Up to date, there were applications that can create animated GIFs or apps that can create Cinemagraphs (like ClipGraph and Flicktive), but this new desktop application (for both PC and Mac) Gifzign allows you to create both animated GIFs and Cinemagraphs.

Gifzign consists of these core features:

  1. Editor. Edit and create the exact animated GIF you need, complete with filters, special effects, text, images, loops and more.
  2. Recorder. In addition to using a YouTube or Vimeo video, or to upload your own video, you can record a video from your own screen directly into Gifzign.
  3. Cinemagraphs. Turn any video or recording into a Cinemagraph.
  4. Convertor. Convert any MP4 video to an animated GIF.
  5. Player. Show your GIFs with the hosted GIF player. This player comes with 10 skins and onclick, hover and scroll functions.
  6. Mockups. Use the 20+ device and frame mockup images to embed your animations inside (see example Mockup GIF belo).
  7. [Upcoming] Youzign integration. With a few clicks, you can pull any of your Youzign designs right into Gifzign.

What are the difference between Animated GIFs and Cinemagraphs?

An animated GIF is an image encoded in graphics interchange format (GIF), which contains a number of images or frames in a single file and is described by its own graphic control extension. The frames are presented in a specific order in order to convey animation. An animated GIF can loop endlessly or stop after a few sequences.

Cinemagraphs, on the other hand, look like a “live image” – a still image with a “moving part” – but are actually videos.

Animated GIFs can be used anywhere where you are allowed to use (GIF) images. For example in emails or on Social Media.

Cinemagraphs can only be showed by a video player. Hence, can’t be used inside emails.

Gifzign demo animated gif

Mockup Example

How to use Gifzign?

To create your GIF or Cinemagraph, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 Converter. Select a video (on YouTube/Vimeo, upload your own or record your screen) and choose the time frame (i.e. the part of the video that you will use for your Cinemagraph).

Gifzign Step 1 Select Video

Step 2a. GIF Editor. Add text (Top and bottom headline) and/or an image as “annotation” to your video fragment. Select “Instagram style” filter, use a mirror effect and add various looping effects (ping-pong, reverse). Finally, set the video quality to Vintage, Grainy or HD.

Step 2b Cinemagraphs Editor. Choose one still frame (any thumbnail of your video inside your time frame) and select (by using a paint brush tool) the parts out of your video that you still want to play, i.e. the moving parts.

Gifzign Dashboard

Step 3 If you’re satisfied, create and save your Cinemagraph as either an MP4 video or as animated GIF.

Step 4 (Optional). Choose a mockup that you can add to your GIF, hit save and the software creates a new GIF with your mockup around it.

Step 5 (Optional). Create your custom embed Player (for any animated GIF you’ve created or want to use) and embed it on your website. Choose one of the 10 professional skins and select your Onclick, Hover and Scroll preferences.

Gifzign Player

The first four steps can be done from with your desktop application.

To use the player, you have to use the Gifzign Cloud dashboard from where you can download the latest version of Gifzign, create custom embed players and access your help desk anytime.

So, to summarize Gifzign is a unique application that allows you to create both animated GIFs and Cinemagraphs with some extra features as to show GIFs with a mockup and/or as embed player with a professional skin (and Onclick, Hover and Scroll features).

Watch the full demo video…

Gifzign with all features, including:



This is the module for creating all kind of mockups that are ready for print plus also optimized for web usages. Just enter your image URL (or upload your image), hit “Beam Me”, and you can instantly see, select, and download 110 perfectly positioned mockup images with all kinds of professional scenes and backgrounds as on PC, Mobile, T-Shirt etc.

The main features are:

  • Desktop app for both PC and Mac.
  • Simultaneously create 100+ mockups with a single image add.
  • 100+ different mockup templates.
  • Different types of mockups as laptop, apparel, tablet, desktop, and phone mockups.
  • Easily edit and customise your mockups: resize, crop or rotate.
  • Use any image you want. Upload an image from your computer or beam from any location on the internet with one click.


This is the module for creating all kind of logos that are ready for print plus also optimized for web usages.

  • Desktop app for both PC and Mac.
  • Monogram features included.
  • Mascot features included.
  • Modern icon library with millions of icons.
  • Use different logo styles and containers.
  • Use any font or SVG file you want. Just upload them.
  • Easy Save your logo project and continue editing later

Watch the demo video…

And with all the main 4 modules above, you also get the Commercial license included.

Are there any shortcomings?

It’s a web-based tool and your graphics will be saved in the cloud on Amazon S3 servers. This has great advantages as accessible from any place and device with internet connection and no more installing or updating any software. However keep in mind that if for whatever reason their server goes down or they stop offering their services, you can’t use the software (temporarily or never again). Hence I would advise you always to keep backups of your graphics.

However, the sellers/creators Martin Crumlish and Bertranddo are in business for a while now and have proven to deliver great software and support the past years.

Although the editing features are really advanced and easy to use (even for complete newbies), they aren’t at the same high (detailed) level as Photoshop for instance. But I don’t think you really need those advanced options at all.

Why should you buy zSuite?

Because zSuite is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to make fast and with ease high-quality graphics, logos, and animations. Especially for creating standard graphics that every business owner needs (such as social media covers, promotional material etc.). It’s a huge time saver due to its integrated image\icon library and templates with one-click preview among other great features.

Pricing and Coupons

For a limited time, you can get access to zSuite for a one-time payment of $68.00+ (thereafter you’ll pay $438.00 per year).

The + means that the price is increasing during this special launch period.

Plus if you are lucky and on time… there is a coupon code…

Use coupon code zsave5 to get $9.00 off.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period. You get free updates for life.

Upsell or OTO?

As first upsell, you can upgrade with the ZSuite Templates Upgrade + Templates Club ($67.00 one-time). Or if you prefer, you can just opt for the ZSuite Templates Upgrade ($37.00 one-time).

Both upgrades exist of extra templates for Youzign, Mockzign and Gifzign. With the Club, you’ll get more templates and new templates every month.

As second upsell, you can get the zSuite Agency Kit ($97.00). This is an Agency System with Done-For-You materials for easily converting prospects into paying design clients.

As third upsell, you can become a member of the Visual University ($197.00). Visual Uni is a collection of high end, quality, video courses. Personally taught by Youzign founder Bertrand Diouly Osso and specifically designed to help you make the most out of zSuite.

If you have a team or co-workers, take a look at the last upsell, zSuite Agency Upgrade ($87.00-$167.00). Now you can give your team members their own access as well.

My zSuite Bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link, you’ll get these Standard Bonuses. Plus you’ll get all these bonuses below:

YouZign Bonuses

Emperor Pages

Emperior Pages
This tool usually costs $997 per year (more details ==> http://emperorpages.com).

Plus you’ll get these 5 bonuses:

Offline Graphics Editor White Label

Turnkey offline graphics software business and membership app. Also includes sales page, marketing material, customer training videos, and much more.. (Valued at $297)

Pixel-Perfect Icon Graphics

With these 1000 high definition icon marketing graphics, you can implement the power and value of visual appeal in your marketing efforts… grabbing the attention of audience, engaging and converting them with ease!

Premium Photos

1000 Royalty-Free High Definition Stock Photos; full developer rights, add value to your product, create banner ads, use in social media, add them to your website, use on clients sites, use in presentations, and so much more!

176 High Quality Background Graphics

These background graphics were created by the best graphics experts to suit your desired 2016 background styles. They come with impeccable quality and dimensions for any purpose.

191 Social Media Header Graphics Templates

Available for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus And Youtube… Custom designed for the most on-demand niches. They come with impeccable quality and dimensions for any purpose.

WP Recommendation

Create beautiful promotion graphics; simply choose the icon image, a background color and type your text in. Then insert the graphics short code in any web page or post and voila..you are set.

Extra Bonuses – Free Products on GeorgesDeals:

For each product in the funnel you buy, you can choose one product for free on GeorgesDeals.com. Just tell me which product you want!

To get your bonuses, just send your receipt to [email protected] and I will send your bonuses within 24 hours.

Buy zSuite now ====>GetAccessNow

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