Zero Bounce Review and Bonus

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Type: WordPress Plugin
Price: $25.00-$27.00
Creator: Ankur Shukla
Zero Bounce is a WordPress plugin that forces your visitors to go to any URL you wish after they click on the back button. With this plugin you can turn lost traffic (i.e. traffic that was otherwise leaving your website) into profit. Or you get an extra change to convince them to perform your desired Call To Action.

Turn Lost Traffic into Profit

Zero Bounce Rate Review and Bonus

What is Zero Bounce?

Zero Bounce is a WordPress plugin that forces your visitors to go to any URL you wish after they click on the back button.

Ways to use Zero Bounce?

You can use Zero Bounce as a “sneaky trick” to increase your bounce rate. Because by forcing your visitors to visit another page on your site (instead of going back to the prior page), you’ll improve your bounce rate by default. And the lower your bounce rate the better your SEO rankings will be.

However this plugin can also be used for other purposes:

By misusing the back button and showing an extra webpage, you have an extra change to turn “lost traffic” into profit. This is especially useful for landing pages.

But you can use this technique also for review sites by showing other related reviews. Or if someone tries to leave your sales page, offer a discount or coupon.

Or you can show a squeeze page to try to capture your otherwise lost traffic.

And what about sending your visitors to one of your other websites or affiliate sales pages?

Or sending them to a survey or feedback form?

As you can see the possibilities are endless.

Popups vs Back Button redirect

As you probably know popups (or popunders) won’t work always. Your visitor can block popups in their browser and often popups won’t show up on mobile devices.

With Zero Bounce, the redirected page (after clicking on the back button) will always be shown. Hence also on mobile devices and browsers with popup blockers.

Popups usually work in case of exit intend or hitting the exit (close) button. Zero Bounce works only after clicking on the back button. (Update: Zero Bounce now also has Exit intend redirection!)

So you can use both popups and Zero Bounce on the same page/post. On first sight you might thinking, this is annoying and maybe too overwhelming for my visitors. However people will either leave your page via the back button or by closing the window tab. Hence by using them both, you’ll always capture them.

Main Features of Zero Bounce WP plugin?

  • On/Off Switch. You have complete control when using this plugin and keeps you from having to uninstall the plugin if you want to temporarily disable it.
  • Redirect to any URL you wish. You can set a different redirect URL for each single post or page.

Watch the demo video below:

And yes, I installed Zero Bounce on this page. So you will be redirected to the sales page if you click on the back button! (Sorry…)

However to get the most out of this plugin, you can upgrade to the PRO verion.

Main Extra Features of WP Zero Bounce PRO:

  • Optional Exit intend redirection. As soon the mouse leave the browser window the visitor gets redirected.
  • Disable Redirect for Homepage / Post / Page. Disable redirects on all pages, posts or homepage only. Gives you more flexibility and control.
  • Split testing and Dynamic Redirect Rotation. Automatically rotate several redirect URLs.
  • Selective Redirect. Only redirect visitors who came from sites you specify.
  • Automatic Timed Deactivation. You can set to not redirect visitors who have stayed on your page for a certain amount of time.
  • Mobile/Desktop Toggle. Choose to redirect only desktop or only mobile users.
  • Redirect only X percent of visitors.
  • “Force enable” option. If activated on individual post/page, the visitor will get redirected even if Zero Bounce itself is deactivated in the settings.
  • Redirect by Country. Set different redirect URLs for traffic from specific countries.
  • Redirect by Referer. Setup specific redirect based on where the traffic is coming from (specify any site you want).

What happens when someone visits more posts/pages on your site?

Well, this software is smart. It recognizes what the latest referrer page was. If it was a prior page/post on your domain, of course your visitor will be send back to that post/page. On the other hand if someone came from an outside URL (f.e. Google Search Engine), then the visitor will be redirected to the preset URL (the URL you set for the last particular visited page/post with Zero Bounce activated).

Are there any shortcomings?

The plugin is easy to install and use. You can set up your redirect URL in seconds. And every feature works as described. I didn’t find any bugs or hick ups.

The only thing to consider is that your visitors expect to go back to a prior URL and don’t expect your URL. So you take control over their browser functionality. Some don’t care, but others won’t like it (so except to loose some of them forever). And as with popups, often people don’t like them but they can be very lucrative.

So you have to find a way to minimize annoying your visitors in favor of the extra income you can make with this plugin. Fortunately you can start testing this plugin on a small scale with all the awesome (selective) settings.

Why should you buy Zero Bounce?

Because this is the only WordPress plugin (I know about) that lets you redirect your visitors to any URL you wish after they click on the back button. With this plugin you can lower your bounce rate and monetize lost traffic (i.e. traffic that was otherwise leaving your website). You get an extra change to convince them (to perform your desired Call To Action) or you can ask them why they are leaving (via a survey or feedback form).

And if you choose for the PRO version, you can even determine exactly how often, when and which visitors to redirect to.

Is Zero Bounce better than a popup, popunder or full page popover?

No, you can use them both on the same page/post. But some people will try to leave your site via the back button and others via the exit tab button. With Zero Bounce now you can capture the “back button clickers”. (And with the PRO version you can also capture visitors who are trying to leave your site by moving their mouse into the direction of the exit tab button)

The other obvious main difference between popups and Zero Bounce is that with popups your visitors stay on the same page and by using Zero Bounce they will be redirected to a new URL (on your domain or someones other). So while with a popup you will ask for an extra call-to-action. With Zero Bounce you won’t ask them to perform this action but just redirect your visitor (without warning or asking).

The Zero Bounce plugin works for almost all browsers and on any device and can’t be blocked (Note: regular popups won’t always work on mobile devices or can be blocked).


You can buy the Single Site License for $25.00 or buy the Unlimited Site License for $27.00.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period. And you will get all future Updates for free!

Upsell or OTO?

The first upsell is the above described opportunity to buy the PRO version. A must have add-on to really get the most out of this plugin. There are 3 license plans. The Single Site license ($27.00), the 50 Sites license ($37.00) and the Unlimited Sites license ($37.67).

The second upsell is the opportunity to buy the PRO Developers License. So after buying first the PRO version, now you can buy the developers license. Hence you can install this plugin on your clients sites and you can even flip your sites with this plugin installed.

Note: you have to buy the front-end (basic plugin) first, before you can buy the PRO version and finally the PRO Developers license (after buying the PRO version).

My Zero Bounce bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link you get these 5 bonuses below:

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