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Wish Inspector LogoProduct: Wish Inspector
Type: Desktop Software (PC and Mac)
Price: $67.00-$77.00
Creator: Dave Guindon
Wish Inspector is a product research software for products offered on Wish.com, designed to save you hours of researching, selecting and importing the best selling products. Easily import your selected products (with all details, images, variations (sizes/colors), and reviews) into your eCommerce store (Shopify or WooCommerce). Analyze and filter out of 26 product data fields. Huge time saver and awesome source to sell your own products under private label or as dropshipping product (and to find some new top selling trending products not offered elsewhere).

eCommerce Product Research Software

Quickly analyze thousands of products on wish.com for your own eCommerce stores!
Wish Inspector

What is Wish Inspector?

Wish Inspector is a desktop app (for both PC and Mac) to easily research and find top-selling eCommerce products offered on wish.com, and to quickly import selected products (with all details, images, variations (sizes/colors), and reviews) into your own Shopify or WooCommerce eCommerce store.

It’s developed by Dave Guindon, the same creator as for the AmaSuite 5 and Ali Inspector software.

Now, instead of a research software tool for exploring products on Amazon and/or AliExpress, Wish Inspector has been developed for products offered on wish.com.

Wish.com is a eCommerce platform where you can buy all kinds of products for wholesale prices (just as AliExpress.com).

So, you can sell all products listed on wish.com in your own store, and once sold let them dropship (i.e. send directly by the supplier) to your clients.

With Wish Inspector you have all the tools to explore niches and products and easily find the best products to promote or as basis to sell highly profitable comparable products as your own.

Main features of Wish Inspector

Research features:

wish inspector data fields

Just enter your search phrase and set the number of pages (i.e. products) and threads you want to select, and hit search.

With Wish Inspector you can extract up to 15 products at the same time (with unlimited variations).

So, with a fast internet connection you can get thousands of products imported within 2 minutes.

Wish Inspector extracts 26 data fields for each product it found based upon any search phrase your choose:

  • Search Phrase.
  • Product Title.
  • Product ID.
  • Product Price.
  • Shipping costs.
  • Product Price + Shipping costs.
  • Currency.
  • Delivery stats. Minimum and Maximum number (and difference). Estimated delivery date.
  • Product Rating stats. Average rating and number of reviews.
  • Number of orders.
  • Shipping Badge Y/N.
  • Number of variations.
  • Size ratings (too big, too small, just right, coefficient).
  • Description.
  • Keywords.
  • Verified Y/N.
  • Store Name and URL.
  • Store/Vendor ratings (average rating, number of reviews).

To analyze your data, you can apply (custom) filters to all columns. Each column has its own built-in smart filter and selection criteria.

But you can also create any custom filter you want for any column you wish. Plus, you can save your favorite filter combination to a file, that you can re-use with a few clicks – saving you hours of searching.

Once you are happy with your selection, hit the preview button and the app opens up a reports-preview.html page with clickable hyperlinks.

You can open up this page in any browser and you can even share that page with your team or clients!

Plus you can save your results and add them to your favorites list.

Import features:

Wish Inspector allows you to create an product import file for either Shopify or WooCommerce.

The built-in product automatically imports all product data as:

  • Product Description.
  • Product Images.
  • Product Price. You can auto-generate the sale price by entering a markup percentage. And, auto-generate a regular price from the predefined discount percentage.
  • Auto-generated SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) for each imported product variation. Additionally, all image variations, color variations, and size variations are all properly imported.
  • Product Reviews.

You can even overwrite the decimal part of your (calculated markup) product prices into a fixed .99 or any decimal you want!

Currently, the Wish Inspector software can “only” generate CSV import files that are specially formatted for importing products and/or reviews into Shopify and/or into WooCommerce.

But you can also manually insert products very quickly!

Simply right-click any product inside the app, select “Product Details”, and hit the copy button. This way you get all the product details (such as the product title, description, colors, sizes, and images), that you can easily paste into your eCommerce product page.

Watch the full demo video…

Are there any shortcomings?

The creator, Dave Guindon, is a well-known and respected product creator with proven track record and excellent support.

So, I found no major shortcomings or bugs. The software simply works (I tested the PC version).

Of course, this app is only useful if you want to sell products listed on wish.com and add them into your own Shopify or WooCommerce store.

Wish Inspector is very easy to use, shows results fast, and it doesn’t matter if you are an advanced eCommerce vendor or a complete newbie. Both can benefit…

Why should you buy Wish Inspector?

Because it’s the perfect research and import application for products listed on wish.com. I don’t know about any other comparable product that allows you to extract data from wish.com.

Especially if you take into account the…

Pricing & Coupon

For a limited time you can get Wish Inspector Multiple License (Developer) that you can install on 10 computers for a one-time payment of only $77.00.

(Or if you prefer you can buy the Single License for $10.00 less)

And if you are lucky, you can still use Coupon Code wish5off on the checkout page to get $5.00 off.

The offer has a 30-day money back guarantee.

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