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Ever wanted to sell your own software products?

We all know that selling your own products has some big advantages over selling affiliate products. For example, you can build a customer base and create your own sales funnels (and marketing mix).

However creating software products yourself (our outsourcing the development) can be a pain in the ass. Don’t you agree?

But what if I tell you, that you can use the hard work of others by buying White Label (aka Resell) Rights to sell those software products yourself under your own name and keep all the money you’ll earn?

Wait a moment, you would say:

White Label Rights are expensive, often outdated and hard to find. Aren’t they?

Nope, because you found this page …

You see, many product sellers launch their product and try to make as much money as possible during the short launch period. They offer the main product as front-end and have one or more upsells.

As final upsell, they often offer the opportunity to buy the White Label rights for this new product (or sometimes an earlier released other product). Often you get White Label rights for the complete funnel!

However, most interested people will never see these opportunities because they just didn’t go through the whole funnel themselves (and most affiliate marketers won’t tell you about these upsells).

So to help you out, I made a summary of the best “hidden” one-time offers and I’ll give you the direct links to buy these White Label products. (Tip: if you are looking for great products to offer as a service to local clients, check out Tools & Services for Local Clients!)

As always if you buy via my affiliate links you get bonuses too (more details at the end of this page).

Warning: As most of these White Label products are part of a sales funnel, sellers prefer that you go through the funnel yourself and start with buying the front-end product before buying the “hidden” upsell. I think that’s a fair policy to do, because the White Label/RR prices are based on the premise that you’ll buy the front-end first.

On the other hand, some of the upsells aren’t related at all to the main front-end product. In those cases that the upsell product is a complete other product than the front-end, I think it’s fair to buy the upsells directly from the proper White Label / Resell Rights sales page.

In those (incidentally) cases that the sellers don’t allow you to buy the White Label products without buying the front-end product first, just offer to buy the (cheapest) front-end product or ask for a refund.

For your convenience, I’ll give you both the links to the front-end and the direct link to the White Label/RR product. Now you can see yourself what’s included in the White Label/RR package. Of course, if I made a review about the product, you get the link to the review post as well.

So, now let’s start with these great offers.


Front-end Sales Page ($47.00) – Agency with Customization License ($197.00)

[Cloud-based App] Easily find and analyze running “proven to work” Facebook ads and corresponding landing pages for any product, keyword, competitor, or domain in any niche. Filter further down by Demographics, GEO location, Engagement, Ad type (image/video), Button (CTA) Type, and/or Placement (News Feed, Right Side). Save lots of testing time and only “model” winning ads. Highly recommended (and check out the first upsell that even allows you to analyze Instagram, YouTube, and Google Adwords).

AdvertSuite – Syndication ($67.00)
AdvertSuite – Success Training ($47.00)
AdvertSuite – Reseller & Customization ($197.00)

As third upsell, you can buy the Reseller & Customization License. This license allows you to sell 20 licenses of AdvertSuite with option to re-brand the name into your own brand name. This is one of the most advanced Facebook Ads “spying” tools with updated new ads added every day.

Bonus: Special Bonus Page + 70/80/70/150 bonus points. Plus for each product in the funnel you’ll buy you can choose 1 product for free on GeorgesDeals.com


Front-end Sales Page ($29.00+) – Agency (RR) Licenses ($97.00-$197.00)

[Cloud-based app] Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls to build your Email and/or FB Messenger Lists. Quiz Pages are hosted for you, can be shared via social media, embed on any web page (or use as popup), fully stomizable start & landing pages, text (list) questions,image based answers, URL redirect, and full integration with ManyChat.

Leadmodo Templates ($47.00)
Leadmodo Pro ($47.00)
Leadmodo Agency (RR) Licenses ($97.00-$197.00)

As third upsell, you can buy the Agency/Resell license to sell up to 20 or 100 licenses of LeadModo. You can use all the sales and marketing material and charge any price you want.

Hence, a great product to offer to (local) clients with awesome ROI opportunities either to offer as a service or to sell the software directly.

Bonus: 60/70/70/150 bonus points. Plus for each upsell you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on GeorgesDeals.com


Inboxr Review and Bonus
Front-end Sales Page ($47.00) – Whitelabel & Resell Licence ($197.00)

[Cloud-based app] Complete Chatbot and automation tool for Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Build your FB Messenger (and Email) lists and market to your leads/customers with chatbot messages. Easily create welcome, auto-reply, trigger word reply, broadcast or follow up (dripfeed) FB Messages with preset bots. Read my review.

DFY Chat Bots ($37.00)
Inboxr VIP Training ($27.00-$37.00)
Inboxr Whitelabel & Resell Licence ($197.00)

As third upsell, you can get the full White Label rights to sell up to 20 Inboxr licenses under your own brand name and charge any price/fee you want. You can even give the app away if you want (as a bonus).

Perfect to offer to local clients, either as a service or sell the app directly. One of the best FB Messenger Bots apps I know about.

Bonus: 16 Bonuses + 70/70/70/200 bonus points. Plus for each product in the funnel you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on GeorgesDeals.com


Front-end Sales Page ($37.00-$47.00) – Reseller Licenses ($47.00-$197.00)

[Cloud-based app] Easily share (viral) content created by others and show your pop-ups on top of their web pages by using cloaked links with retargeting pixels included for remarketing on 6 major social media platforms.

PixlyPro Gold ($37.00+)
Pixel Modo – Discounted Offer ($37.00+)
PixlyPro Reseller Licenses ($47.00-$197.00)

As third upsell, you can get one of the Reseller Packages (25 or 100 licenses). You can either “just” get your affiliate commission bumped up to 100% and you only have to refer your leads to the main sales page. Or you can offer this product via your own sales page and add/manage users from your own dashboard. Now, you can charge any price/fee you want as long as it’s the same or higher price as used by the vendor.

Bonus: 4 Surprise bonuses + 60/70/80/60/70 bonus points. Plus for each upsell you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on GeorgesDeals.com


Front-end Sales Page ($17.00-$87.95) – MailPrimo Reselller ($99.95)

[Cloud based app] Email Marketing Software that allows you to send unlimited emails, add/import subscribers, manage subscribers, and more… without paying monthly fees.

MailPrimo Elite ($77.00)
MailPrimo Enterprise ($97.00)
MailPrimo Reselller ($99.95)
MailPrimo Premium Membership ($27.00 p/m)

As third upsell, you can get the resell rights to sell MailPrimo and keep 100% of the front-end sales price and 50% of the other funnel sales. You only have to send “traffic” to the main sales page. You’ll get an affiliate link where your commission is bumped up to 100% for the front-end. Hence, you can’t set your own prices. On the other hand, you don’t have to create sales pages yourself or spent time on support, and can start selling right away.

Do the math… after 2 sales you’ve covered your investment and are making more than any other affiliate.

Bonus: Special Bonus Page + 70/80/100/100/70 bonus points. Plus for each product in the funnel you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on GeorgesDeals.com


XLeads360Front-end Sales Page ($27.00-$37.00) – XLeads360 Reseller

[Cloud-based software] to easily find local businesses by using Facebook. Just enter your keyword and location and get all necessary business info together with Social (FB like), Google Review and SEO stats. Comes with built-in email management system and email templates to easily contact new leads (or outsource your lead generation).

XLeads360 Pro ($47.00+ per 3 months)
XLeads360 Star Finder ($37.00-$47.00)
XLeads360 Local Marketing Agency ($67.00)
XLeads360 Reseller ($87.00-$97.00+).

As final upsell, you can buy the Resell Rights to sell all products in the XLeads360 funnel and keep 100% of the fees yourself (after transaction payments to JVZoo and PayPal). You use the same funnel and sales pages as the vendors. No need to create anything yourself. Just use your JVZoo affiliate account and your commissions will be bumped to 100%.

A perfect product to sell to local clients with attractive price settings. If you can sell 3 front-end products, you’ll be break-even. Thereafter, all the income is pure profit!

Note 1: this is no White Label product. You can only sell the product(s) as they are offered by the vendor (with their price settings).

Note 2: to get access to the Resell Rights, you have to buy the main front-end first before you are allowed to buy the final upsell (with your RR rights).

Bonus: 60/70/80 bonus points. Plus for each product in the funnel you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on GeorgesDeals.com


GIFbuddyFront-end Sales Page ($44.00+) – Reseller Sales Page ($147.00) – White Label Sales Page ($497.00)

GIFbuddy is a new cloud-based App to find the most engaging and viral animated GIFs on GIPHY and auto publish and schedule these GIFs on your WP blog and/or on Social Media. Plus you can easily add your own monetization links to your posts to make money from your viral content. It’s a “Set & Forget” free viral traffic system.

GIFbuddy OTO 1 ($47.00-$67.00)
GIFbuddy OTO 2: 25x Reseller License ($147.00)
GIFbuddy OTO 3: White Label ($497.00)

With both the White Label license and the Reseller License, you can sell 25 licenses for any price you want. Either under the brand name GIFbuddy (Reseller License) or under your own brand name (White Label License). If you’ll buy the Reseller License first and thereafter the White Label License, you will get 50 licenses (in total) to sell under your own name.

Bonus: 70/80/120/200 bonus points. Plus for each product in the funnel you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on GeorgesDeals

PayDrill 2.0


PayDrill Front-end ($67.00) – PayDrill Reseller Licenses ($247.00-$397.00)

PayDrill 2.0 is a desktop software to manage your PayPal (sales) transactions. Get all the necessary stats and easily find all your clients’ data and refund from within the dashboard without logging into PayPal. Must have tool for sellers who use PayPal as a payment processor. Read my review.

PayDrill Pro ($67.00-$97.00)
PayDrill Business ($97.00-$197.00)
PayDrill Reseller Licenses ($247.00-$397.00)

You can sell the main PayDrill front-end product and can sell it for any price you want and keep 100% of the sales income. You’ll get access to a special dashboard where you can manage your (new) clients. (Note: these are not White Label rights but Resell Rights “only” – you sell the product as it is under the PayDrill brand name with all existing marketing material)

Bonus: 10 Great WP Plugins + 70/80/100/150 bonus points. Plus for each product in the funnel you buy, you can select 1 product for free on GeorgesDeals.com.



Sales PageReseller Sales Page

VidEngage is a web based software tool that allows you to “clip” (i.e. show your video in smaller window size) in the corner of the screen when a viewer scrolls down a page and past the main video. The clip is only visible when the main video is out of sight and won’t be a distraction at all. The transition is 100% smooth. It’s a uper tool to keep your visitors engaged while they scroll through your content.

As third upsell, you can buy the VidEngage Reseller License. With these rights you can sell this great software as your own and keep all the money yourself. There are 3 packages. Up to 10 licenses ($47.00), up to 20 licenses ($67.00) and unlimited licenses ($97.00).

You can sell this software for any price you want. You get all the sales material you need and can sell the tool under the VidEngage name. You don’t have to rebrand the tool and/or create your own sales copy and branding.

Video Marketing is hot and there is no other web-based solution like this. Hence, a great product to sell to any Video marketer or offer as service to local clients.

Note: to get the Resell Rights you have to buy the front-end product first.

SEO Snapshot

SEO Snapshot
White Label Rights (RR) Page

With this SEO software, your users (as well as yourself) can quickly get to the top of Google by using SEO Snapshot’s uncovered, hidden Algorithm Data that Google doesn’t want you to see.

  • Quickly visualize your SEO Score (and those of your competitors).
  • Full On page SEO Audit (you and your competitors).
  • Breakdown your social signals.
  • Complete SEO breakdown of your social pages (Facebook, Twitter).
  • Provide a mobile analysis.
  • and much more…

For a limited time (watch the timer), you can grab the White Label Rights (RR) for just $97.00 + $9.97 p/m (regular price $297.00). A great high-quality evergreen product to sell as your own. Or use it to offer SEO services to local clients.

Bonus points: Of course you get bonus points if you buy the products below via my affiliate links. To keep it simple, you get 1 bonus point for every buck you spend. You can change these bonus points for great WP Plugins, Courses and other information products on Select Your Bonus.

Select Your Bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily I add new bonuses. You can use your bonus points whenever you want. They will be valuable forever. So you don’t need to hurry to change them into bonuses. Unused points will be kept at your account (until usage).

To get your bonus points, just send your receipt to [email protected] and I will activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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