WebinarJam Review and Bonus

WebinarJam LogoProduct: WebinarJam
Type: Cloud-based Software
Price: $497.00 p/y
Creators: Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins
WebinarJam is a web-based webinar platform service that allows you to broadcast your event and manage and setup your marketing and follow-up funnel around your webinar. Broadcast your live event where your viewers are: on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or your own web properties by embedding the internal JamSession™ Technology. With WebinarJam you can bring a hassle free interactive and engaging webinar experience no matter where your viewers are or what device they’re using.

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WebinarJam Review and Bonus

What is the all new WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is a web based webinar platform service that allows you to broadcast your live event on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or by using the internal JamSession™ Technology.

You can manage your event from within the command center with new features (such as 6 presenters on screen at once, seamless playing of pre-recorded video, slides loaded into the cloud, file sharing, whiteboard options).

And you can manage and set up your whole marketing and follow-up funnel around your webinar (like email autoresponders, SMS messaging, password protected webinars).

Hence a full, professional webinar system where you can bring a hassle free webinar experience no matter where you are or what device you’re on.

With over 30,000 users (and 282,000 produced webinars) WebinarJam was already the market leader.

However, this isn’t just a software upgrade. This version of WebinarJam is a completely new build with new features and a new secure and stable hosting platform.

With this new Studio release the creators, Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins, changed the market again. They now come with some never seen before new features. All easy to use and awesome tools to increase your user engagement and improve your ROI. You can clearly see that WebinarJam is made by and for internet marketers with the highest quality standards.

OK, what’s new?

If you’ll read the full sales page and watch all example videos on the blog, it takes at least one hour. All improvements and new features (with all new trademark names) are explained in full detail. I won’t repeat them here all. Otherwise, this post will be too long.

The most important improvements come together in the new JamSession Room – the command center, in combination with the new broadcast features for Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or by using the internal JamCast Live Broadcast Network.

Plus, the new version comes with brand-spanking new email automation, registration pages, and template gallery. And the new page builder provides even more customization options so you can match colors, fonts, and images to support your brand.

Here is a short video about the new features…

First, just a recap about the…

Original Main features of WebinarJam:

  • Unlimited Attendees. Unlimited Webinars. Multiple Presenters.
  • HD Video and Voice Quality. (24 FPS HD Video).
  • Full marketing funnel around the webinar: Registration Templates, Email Notifications, Thank you pages etc.
  • Live Chat, Survey, Polls.
  • Add to Cart Buttons and Redirect at end of Webinar.
  • Smartphones 1-click from email to login for attendee with Video and Audio.
  • Instant Record on Start of Broadcast.
  • Instant Replay Video and Room when Webinar is over.
  • Full Autoresponder, Ecommerce and Tracking integration solutions with Cross Platform Tagging.
  • Metrics and Analytics.
  • And more…

However, in WebinarJam the creators have added these additional unprecedented features:

  • The JamSession Room™. Everything you need to create and control your viewer’s experience is now gathered in one highly customizable interface, that works in a separate browser tab, with a Dual Screen Display, or on a separate PC or laptop. Hence you can moderate and manage the chat room, questions and comments (and more) yourself or by a moderator in your team.
  • Broadcast directly where your audience lives. Choose between Facebook Live, YouTube, or use the JamCast Live Broadcast Engine.
  • Express Jam™. 6 Clicks and 30 seconds and you’re Live. Use the customizable Smart Preferences to ensure that your Webinar operates exactly according to your needs.
  • Attendee Spotlight™. Invite any of your webinar attendees to instantly join the broadcast at any time. You can show up to 6 speakers at once! Invite them to speak, share a screen, a webcam, their presentation and more. Perfect for quick testimonials, Q&A, and case studies.
  • Show everything you want. Face to Face. Picture in Picture. A PDF or Slide Show (Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi). A Mind Map, Annotation or Whiteboard (with drawing feature). A Software Demonstration (with Screen Share). A Wirecast, Blackmagic, or Tricaster feed. Polls, Surveys, or Pre-Recorded Videos.
  • Active Offers™ with Countdown Urgency Timer. Create upfront and display a live clickable Add-To-Cart Button with countdown timer when you’re ready to make your offer.
  • Active Offers™ with Unit Scarcity Display. Same feature, but now with (automatically or manually) unit scarcity display.
  • Feedback Flow™ with Live Alerts Live Bulletin Overlays. Display any feedback, question (and corresponding answer!), (real-time) chat, comment to your audience, all with the click of a button. Or show buyer alerts (a real live message that shows which attendee just had bought your product!)
  • Replica Replay™. Present your recorded Live Presentation, exactly as it took place during the Live Webinar. So in the “Webinar Room” with the original Community Chat, the Video Engine™ injections, the Feedback Flow™, Polls, the Buyer Alerts and Active Offers (with Urgency and Scarcity).

And WebinarJam comes with some other cool extra’s too:

  • Courteous Registration Templates or use your own HTML design.
  • PageJam – the Page Builder. With an easy to use WYSIWYQ visual editor.
  • Keep your own branding. Easily embed registration forms, webinar room (live play), replays and thank you pages into your own web pages.
  • One-click email signup to increase subscription rate.
  • Built-in Autoresponder.
  • Follow-up system with Boolean Logic. Use Email, SMS and Spoken Phone Messages with different messages for subscribers/attendees who react differently.
  • Monetization options. Built-in “Charge fees to attend”. Run affiliate programs via Jams On-Demand™ Webinar Marketplace. Buyer Alerts. Redirect all attendees to any URL you want during webinar or after webinar ends.
  • In-depth Analytics like Traffic stats, “Inside Your Webinar” stats (you can download here your chat history), Monetization stats (sales stats), Registration and Attendee stats.
  • Segmented lists. Based upon Registration & Attendee stats you can send different emails to different groups (f.e. send messages to registrants/attendees, buyers/non-buyers)
  • Pre-configure Polls, Offers, Video Injections before live webinar that you can (dis)play during the webinar with one click.

So as you can see, WebinarJam has all the features you need to give the best webinar possible.

The software has a simple but effective interface anyone can work with.

Are there any shortcomings?

Well, to be honest, to test all the features I would have to run several live webinars. This product has just been released. The prior version WebinarJam is/was a great solution and very easy to work with. As far as I can see now, this version makes it only better and better. I really love this product.

The only thing to consider. WebinarJam has no built-in evergreen webinar feature. The vendors have their own separate solution for monetizing evergreen webinars called EverWebinar.

That said, WebinarJam allows you to record all your webinars (and embed them on any web page you want) and use the email or SMS follow-up system to send replay links to all subscribers who didn’t attend the webinar.

(Plus you can use pre-recorded videos (or replay videos) and play them during a “live” webinar)

Why should you buy WebinarJam?

Because it’s the best web-based solution for setting up and managing your webinars and broadcasting them on WebinarJam’s own streaming platform or using on Facebook Live or YouTube Live. It has the most advanced features in comparison to all webinar software solutions I’ve reviewed before.

WebinarJam Pricing

You can get access to WebinarJam for $479.00 per year (or 3 payments of $189.00). Or you can choose for the 2 year subscription and get an extra 20% discount for $767.00 (or 4 payments of $199.00).

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