VidSkippy 2.0 Review and Bonus (50% OFF)

VidSkippy 2.0 LogoProduct: VidSkippy 2.0
Type: Cloud-based software
Price: $33.50-$67.00
Creator: Mark Bishop, Zeeshan Ahmed & Venkata Ramana
Summary: VidSkippy is an advanced cloud-based app that allows you to monetize any existing video and/or web page. Either add in-stream video ads or clickable CTAs inside any video you want. Or use your (monetized) videos as overlay on other people’s web pages.

Monetize other people’s videos and web pages with video ads, CTAs, or page lay-overs

VidSkippy 2.0 Review and Bonus

What is VidSkippy 2.0?

VidSkippy 2.0 is a SaaS application that allows you to monetize any existing video and/or web page.

You have several monetization options:

  • Mimic YouTube ads (without paying for clicks) by adding one or more In-stream (aka Pre-Roll) video Ads (you know a clickable video ad before the actual video starts playing).
  • Add a Clickable CTA inside your video.
  • Use your (monetized) video and hijack other people’s web pages by creating a link that you can share and once clicked, the visitor will see your video as (full screen) video layover at the moment you want it to occur (on Exit, Load, or Delayed).
  • [PRO Feature] Add an Email Form (integrates with all major ESP/Autoresponders).
  • [PRO Feature] Add a scarcity bar: Standard Countdown, IP Cookied, or Evergreen.

Just enter a campaign name and follow this Simple 3 step process:

#1. Select any video you like from YouTube, Vimeo or Upload an MP4.

#2. Add monetization elements: your pre-roll video ad, Call To Action (clickable text/image/button), Email Form. Plus enter the web page URL you want to “hijack”.

#3. Share your VS2 videos and links on other people’s (authority) websites as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. Or embed the video on your website, any CMS, or WordPress.

Main features of VidSkippy:

  • Add (clickable) In Stream Ads to any video you want. You can place your add before the video starts or after x seconds delay (or do both).
  • Add In Video fully editable CTA Boxes (as Product Box, Article Box, Character Box, Laptop Box, CTA button) with Animated Characters, and Image seizing/cropping features.
  • Add Authority Overlay – Add VS2 Clickable Videos to other people’s websites. Set triggers as on Exit, Load, or Delayed. Select out of 9 Position placement options.
  • Upload/Select Thumbnail (from built in library, YouZign integration, or use your webcam for image selection).
  • Choose Play Button (Liquid, Rotate, or Animated Play Buttons).
  • Video Preview feature.
  • Creates Embed Code. Simply copy and paste the HTML embed code onto any web page you control.
  • Creates Site Jack Link. The hyperlink to the hijacked web page.
  • Creates Shareable URL Link. This is a the hyperlink to the full page video.
  • One-click Share on Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter).
  • Comes with WordPress plugin that lets you use your own domain instead of VidSkippy domain to share your videos.
  • Built-in quick start training videos with marketing route.

Watch the demo video created by the vendor Mark Bishop himself:

How can you use VidSkippy?

There are many ways to use VidSkippy. Just be creative. Think about:

  • Add your explainer/bonus video as overlay to a sales page (or if the visitor tries to leave the sales page, show a related relevant video with another offer)
  • Setup a video site with free (viral) video from YouTube where you’ll monetize all your videos with pre-roll ads (and share these videos on Social Media).
  • For all your outgoing links on your blog, use VidSkippy (hijacked) links with video overlays on the viral or authority content of others.
  • Share viral or authority content on Social Media (with your hijacked video overlays).

Are there any shortcomings of VidSkippy?

It’s important to understand that VidSkipppy either creates a video player embed code (that you can embed on any web page you control). Or it creates a link that you can share. Either the link to a full page with your monetized video. Or a link to the hijacked page with your video overlay.

Hence, your video can’t be shared as video on Social Media. However, the app allows you to create/use an attention grabbing video thumbnail with (animated) playing icon overlay. So, it looks like a video. And once clicked inside Facebook (or Google+, Pinterest) the visitor will see a new (full) page with your video playing.

(Note: the links to other people’s content with your video overlay, just work as any sharable link on social media. It shows the details and thumbnail for that particular page/post).

Also with the main front-end product, you can create up to 10 or 50 campaigns. If you want more (unlimited campaigns), you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro version (see below).

Overall, this application is easy to use. And version 2.0 comes now with some great new features.

I really like the fact that you don’t have to use a pre-roll video ad anymore (in version 1.0 you had to use a pre-roll video). Instead, you can now just add your CTA inside the video. And not only on pages that you control yourself, but also link out to authority pages where your video overlay will popup the moment you want.

So, a huge improvement. And that’s probably, why current users of version 1.0 also have to upgrade to get this new version (note: version 1.0 will still be supported).

Why should you buy VidSkippy 2.0?

Because it’s a great way to monetize videos and other people’s web pages with video overlays. You don’t have to create your own videos and can use any video you want (of course only use videos with creative commons or that you are allowed to use).


You can get access to VidSkippy 2.0 for a one-time fee of $67.00 (max. 50 campaigns).

However, as I got the Resell Rights, you can buy VidSkippy 2.0 directly from me with a discount of 50%

Just go this Checkout Page and get VidSkippy 2.0 (max. 50 campaigns) for $33.50.

On this Checkout Page, you can also upgrade to the Pro version (see details below), again with a discount of 50% ($38.50 instead of $77.00).

(Note: as I only got the resell rights to sell the main front-end product plus the Pro upgrade, you won’t see the second and third upsell as you’ll see in case you’ll buy from the original vendor)

This offer has a full money back guarantee period of 30 days.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility to upgrade to VidSkippy Pro ($77.00). With this upgrade you’ll get:

  • Unlimited use.
  • Add 3 types of scarcity bars: Standard Countdown, IP Cookied, or Evergreen.
  • Add Email Form (integrates with all major ESP/Autoresponders).
  • Add Testimonials to video / video ads.

As second upsell, you can get access to VidSkippy DFY Ads ($77.00 plus $17.97 p/mo). Now, you’ll get immediately access to 10 Done-For-You video ads (5 niches with a male and female video). And if you choose for the monthly membership, you’ll get 6 new video ads each month.

Maybe these 5 niches are not for you and you still find it difficult to create your own video ads?

If you want to easily create short video ads, read my article How to create attention grabbing video ads without being a pro in video creation?

As third upsell, you can get access to VidSkippy Agency ($127.00-$197.00). Now you can add (100 or 250) users/clients to your app and sell this as a service or resell this app (and get 100% commissions).

A great way to sell or offer this product as a service and don’t have to invest in the software development yourself.

Yes, this the upsell, I bought myself (and you can take advantage from by buying directly from me via this Checkout Page).

My VidSkippy Bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link (the links going to the original sales pages of the vendor), you can choose 1 product for free on for each product in the funnel you’ll buy.

If you buy via my direct link (via my Checkout Page), you get a great deal and won’t be allowed to choose a free product on

But in both cases, you get 70 bonus points (plus extra 80/80/100 points for buying upsell 1/2/3) which you can change for great WP Plugins, Courses and other information products on Select Your Bonus.

Select Your Bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily I add new bonuses. You can use your bonus points whenever you want. They will be valuable forever. So you don’t need to hurry to change them into bonuses. Unused points will be kept at your account (until usage).

To get your bonuses and points, just send your receipt to [email protected] and I will activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

Buy VidSkippy ====>GetAccessNow

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