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Thrive UltimatumProduct: Thrive Ultimatum
Type: WordPress Plugin
Price: $228.00 p/y
Creators: Thrive Themes
Thrive Ultimatum is a WordPress plugin to easily create and place really smart scarcity timers on your WordPress site. You can laser target your audience by showing your (fixed time, evergreen, recurring) timers exactly where you want them (pages, posts, categories, widget areas and more). Show the right offer/timer to the right audience at the right time by using advanced trigger options based upon specific visitors actions (as subscribe to email list, buy product etc.). A must have plugin to use scarcity to the max and increase your conversations.

High Converting Real Scarcity Timers

Thrive Ultimatum Bonus

What is Thrive Ultimatum?

Thrive Ultimatum is a WordPress plugin to easily create and place really smart scarcity timers on your WordPress site. You can define exactly where, when and how your timers are shown.

Show your special limited time offers all across your site to draw more visitors towards your special offer and generate more sales.

Or, if you prefer, only show the countdowns on specific pages, in blog posts of specific categories or by any other criteria. The bottom line is that you can show the right offer to the right audience at the right time.

How does Thrive Ultimatum works?

Thrive Ultimatum is probably the smartest and most advanced plugin to create scarcity campaigns on a WordPress blog.

You can create really advanced campaigns by using lockdown and conversion events.

But let’s start simple…

Follow these easy steps:

  • Select your campaign type.
  • Select where you want to display your campaign.
  • Select your template you want to use.
  • Adjust the text and your design settings in your template.
  • Optional: Lockdown your campaign and setup your “Pre-Access”, “Promotion” and “Expired” Pages.
  • Optional: Select/Set Trigger Events and Actions.

Campaign Types

Thrive Ultimatum Campaign Types

You can choose out of these campaign types:

  • Fixed Dates Campaigns. For a campaign with fixed start en end time.
  • Recurring Campaign. For a campaign that starts over and over again.
  • Evergreen Campaign. For a campaign triggered by a specific user action.

Display Settings

To select your display settings (and how to edit the templates) is similar as in all other Thrive products like the plugins Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Smart Links and Thrive Leads or Thrive Themes.

For me, there was a short learning curve to get used how to edit the content and understand the logic behind the Thrive plugins, but after a while, I was very happy with all the options. With Thrive, you can design your timers, opt-ins, pages etc. like you really want. As with all plugins and themes from Thrive, they all integrate smoothly with each other.

OK, back to the display settings…

First, you select whether you want to display a ribbon (top or bottom bar) or widget. Then select a template (or start from scratch) and edit your template.

Rest to select where you want to show your timers. On an individual post/post, on a selection, on all posts/pages, on post/page templates, on categories pages, archives and/or search pages.

Thrive Ultimatum Ribbon Templates

Lockdown Feature

By locking down your “Promotion Page”, you ensure that only prospects, for whom the countdown hasn’t expired yet, will see that page. If someone comes too early to your page, he will see the “Pre-Access Page” (Coming Soon Page) and if your visitor is too late, he will only see the “Expired Page”.

The Lockdown feature is so smartly designed that the countdown will always stay true, even if a visitor switches devices, uses different browsers or clears his cookies.

Hence, each evergreen campaign looks and feels 100% authentic to your visitors.

Possible Event Triggers and Actions

Although there are more options, I will only discuss 2 possible triggers and actions:

  • Trigger: Visitor visits conversion page or thank you page.
  • Trigger: Visitor subscribes to new email list.
  • Action: Stop campaign.
  • Action: Start other campaign.

The general idea behind Thrive Ultimatum is to use timers to create real scarcity for the right people at the right moment. It doesn’t make sense to show an offer/timer if the visitor already bought your product. Hence you can lockdown or end your campaign if someone “converts”.

On the other side, you probably don’t want your new visitor to see your special Promotion Page immediately. No, you first want him to look around your site and maybe want to collect his email first. This way can only show your special offer after your lead opts in and let him going through the complete funnel.

In both cases, event triggers with the proper actions will do the job.

With event triggers and new actions, you can even stack campaigns.

So, you can build a complete scarcity funnel!

Oh, and don’t forget that by using lockdown pages your visitors will never see timers with all zero’s after the countdown time ends. This is killing for your trustworthy.

Hence, with Thrive Ultimatum your visitors will trust you more and it will improve their user experience.

Other features of Thrive Ultimatum:

  • Easy to use editor. Drag and drop editor (same as all Thrive products).
  • Bunch of Timer Templates to choose from.
  • Fully Mobile Responsive.

What makes Thrive Ultimatum so special?

The real emphasis with Thrive Ultimatum is on conversion optimization. It’s not just about showing up timers. It’s about helping you to use scarcity timers the proper way and giving your visitors the best user experience.​ It’s simply the smartest scarcity WP plugin on the market right now.

Watch the demo video below:


Are there any shortcomings?

This software is just released and I really love it. I didn’t found any major bugs or program errors. But more important, as always with the Thrive products, they keep on improving and updating their products over time. And I don’t mean just fixing some bugs, but actually adding more features to stay on top of the market and give as much customer satisfaction as possible.

And updates are free. However with your purchase, you get one full year of free technical support. If you need support after this year is up, you have several options:

  • ​Purchase another year of support for a small fee.
  • Purchase any one of the other Thrive products (like Thrive Content Builder or Thrive Landing Pages to extend your support by one year.
  • Become a Thrive Themes member, which gives you access to all of Thrive products and unlimited support.

If you never used any of the Thrive products, there is a short learning curve. The software comes with clear tutorials inside the plugin and there is a knowledge base with tutorials. You can also find more general tutorials and lessons on their blog. These video lessons (given by the owner Shane Melaugh) are often eye-openers how to really use and get the most out of the tools. A must watch for every internet marketer (even if you don’t buy any of the Thrive products).

And although the drag and drop editor is intuitive, easy to use and has all the features to build your content exactly the way you want it, I would advice you to watch the tutorials. Because there is so much more possible that you otherwise probably won’t use to its full potential.

The only thing to consider is that you can only use this as a WordPress plugin for embedding timers on your blog. You can’t use Thrive Ultimatum on other HTML pages and/or inside your emails.

(For a great countdown timer to use inside emails, check out Email Spike)

Why should you buy Thrive Ultimatum?

As stand-alone WordPress plugin, Thrive Ultimatum is the best and smartest scarcity tool at the market right now. It’s a super tool for creating all kind of scarcity campaigns. You can easily create and place them anywhere and just the way you want on your blog. You can laser target your audience by showing your timers only on certain places (pages, posts, categories, widget areas and more). And you can trigger your timers based upon your visitor’s actions (subscribe to email-list, buy product etc.).

So Thrive Ultimatum is a great tool for any internet marketer who wants an easy to use lead scarcity plugin with all major necessary features.

Especially if you take into account the low…


Thrive Ultimatium can’t be purchased as standalone WP Plugin anymore. You have to become a member of the Thrive Suite.

With Thrive Suite, you’ll get all Thrive’s plugins and themes for a yearly fee of just $228.00 (or you can opt for the quarterly billing of $90.00).

Hence you’ll get beautiful Themes and great plugins as Thrive Architect, Thrive Ultimatum, or Thrive Quiz Builder, and more…

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

My Thrive Ultimatum Bonus

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Other Comparable Products

There are many scarcity plugins on the market, but none of them is so advanced as Thrive Ultimatum. So, I won’t mention them here.


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