ThemeMaker Review and Bonus

ThemeMaker LogoProduct: ThemeMaker
Type: WordPress Theme Maker
Price: $57.00-$67.00 p/y
Creators: Michael Formby – ProStyler
ThemeMaker is a WordPress Theme builder to rapidly build any type of Site, any Template, and any Page you can dream of. Customize anything without restrictions: Headers, Backgrounds, Menus, Footers with drag and drop simplicity… Anyone can now create gorgeous or professional looking websites, you won’t need any coding experience.

Awesome WordPress Theme/Site builder

ThemeMaker Review and Bonus

What is ThemeMaker?

ThemeMaker is a a WordPress Theme/Site builder to create your own fully customizable WordPress default templates and use them on any pages or posts you want.

This means, every post/page can be styled to perfection!

How does ThemeMaker work?

Well, although ThemeMaker is easy to use, it has so many features that it can be overwhelming where and how to start…

Luckily the creator, Michael Formby, created all necessary videos and the best part…

You can start at your own level!

ThemeMaker Training

What’s your level?

Inside the members area, you can do a 2 minute quiz where after answering these questions, you are advised to start with either the beginner, intermediate, or with the advanced training.

As beginner, you can start with one of the 11 ready-to-go templates. Just select one and import the template, use the ThemeMaker Page Wizard, and follow the steps from start to finish.

But for more intermediate users, you can skip the WordPress basics and move straight into building a custom website from a ThemeMaker Framework.

Finally, for advanced website builders, you can custom build a complete website from scratch using only a Photoshop PSD file (for the overall layout of the website).

Step 1 General Settings

But no matter your level, for each new website, you’ll first start with installing ThemeMaker (as a regular WordPress Theme).

And as ThemeMaker can be used the best “top-down”, it’s best to start with your General Settings, and define your Layout, Main Colors, Typography, Buttons, uploading your Logo’s, etc.

Of course, you can always change these later, but now at least you have the basic default settings properly set up, and the theme colors will be used on every page/post.

Step 2 Creating your Templates (i.e. styling)

For each page type and (Home page, single page, 404, Archive, Inner Page, Membership etc.) you can create your own template with the Page Wizard.

Now, you just select the elements you want to use as Header, Footer, Content, Pricing Table, Testimonial, Opt-in Form, Blog Posts, and more…

and drag these elements on the page wherever you want.

Luckily, you won’t have to do the same tasks over and over again as you can save (part of) the Template as “Page Presets” for usage on other Templates as well.

Treat them as your own building blocks together to use with the 40+ elements you get access to.

Instead of building from scratch, you can choose out of 11 ready made Themes/Templates.

But you can also use the user-friendly Page Builder.

Step 3 Change the content of the Elements

If you have created your Templates with all the selected elements, it’s time to change the text, icons, images, font sizes, colors etc. with your own preferences.

Step 4 Select your favorite Template each time you create a new Page/Post

With a regular theme, you can only use the default template. Now with ThemeMaker, you can select any Template you have ever created.

What makes ThemeMaker so special?

With ThemeMaker you’ll never have to buy another theme.

Furthermore, you can create bespoke themes and sell them for big bugs to your clients as the themes are really unique…

as customized ThemeMaker templates fall no longer under the public domain (i.e. under the GPL terms & conditions) as will be the case if you’ll using standard themes.

Another main benefit is that you can create templates for groups of pages. For example, for your product pages in your store, or for your membership pages (i.e. all internal pages you can think about).

And of course, by using Templates, Block Elements, and Page Presets, you can build new web sites super fast.

Main Features of ThemeMaker

  • ThemeMaker Template Creator. Fully Customizable Design. If you see a page you like, use it and rebuild it. No Coding required. Just select your elements.
  • 11 Ready-Made Professional Templates.
  • ThemeMaker Element Builder. Create your own “Page Presets”, i.e. custom elements made up of other core elements, that you can re-use over and over again.
  • 40+ Built-in Elements.
  • Lightning Fast Theme Import and Export.
  • 2 minute installation and setup.
  • Automatic Updates. No Need To Re-Install Ever.
  • WooCommerce Integration.
  • Create Stunning Tabs & Accordions.
  • Add Stylish Motion Elements, Custom Fonts & Fully Scalable Icons.
  • Stand Out Animations. Add eye-popping animations by simply selecting the animation style, the speed and the direction.
  • Create Universal Colour Palettes.
  • Create different pages for Tablets, Mobiles, and Desktop (add margin and padding based on device) with real-time Preview.

ThemeMaker 40+ elements comes with a bunch of other features like these:

  • Unlimited color options.
  • Includes crisp vector font icons.
  • Effortlessly create killer portfolios
  • 100’s of eye-catching Google fonts.
  • Add custom CSS & JS as you wish.
  • Pricing tables, accordions and more.
  • Customize and Add Countdown Timers.
  • ‌‌‌‌Create custom post loops.

Watch the demo video below:

Are there any shortcomings?

Although you can setup new websites and pages really fast if you are getting used to ThemeMaker and did experiment with it, there is a learning curve…

Hence, only buy ThemeMaker if you are going to create (and sell) multiple Themes and websites.

If you have just one website, it only makes sense if you really want/need specific Page templates that you can’t create with another (regular) Theme.

Furthermore, I would first create your templates and website on a new blog before installing it on an existing WordPress site.

I mean, first try to get used to the Templates and Page Builder, then save the templates and import them in your existing blog.

Finally, if you are a web designer and create website for others, I would definitely buy the first 2 upgrades…

As you want the extra 80+ elements and get rid of the branding.

Why should you buy ThemeMaker?

Because it’s a very flexible and the only WordPress Theme Builder at the market right now with these awesome features. You can use it for all kind of (website) themes and niches, even for commercial websites (due to WooCommerce integration). And you can get the Agency/Developers license for a very affordable price.

Finally, you now can create professional and beautiful looking websites either for yourself or your clients.

Price & Coupon Code

You can buy the ThemeMaker Agency License for $67.00 p/y. Or you can buy the Personal Usage License for $57.00 p/y.

For a limited time, you can use Coupon Code 10off to get $10.00 off (applicable for all products).

The offer has a 14 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsell or OTO?

As first upsell you can buy the Content Builder Booster Pack ($67.00). With this package you get 80+ extra professionally designed Content Blocks (above the 40+ in the main front-end product). Blocks as Galleries, Lists, Image & Text blocks, Showcase, Call To Action, Opt-in, Number Sections, and more…

As second upsell, you’ll have the option to Remove Branding or add Use Custom Branding ($67.00-$97.00). This way your customers don’t know that you are using ThemeMaker and you can probably charge higher fees.

As final upsell, you can get access to the ThemeMaker Live VIP Masterclass ($127.00). During these 4 Live Masterclass sessions, you can ask Michael Formby, the creator/vendor, any question you have, and he shows you over-the-shoulder how he builds sites and gives you exclusive tips.

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