Social Kickstart Live Review and Bonus

Social Kickstart Live LogoProduct: Social Kickstart Live
Type: Desktop App (for PC and Mac)
Price: $97.00-$147.00
Creators: Mark Thompson & Matt Callen
Easy desktop tool to schedule or immediately play prerecorded videos as Live Streaming videos on Facebook Live or YouTube Live (and upcoming Instagram Live).

Go Live With Any Pre-Recorded Video

Social Kickstart Live Review and Bonus

What is Social Kickstart Live?

Social Kickstart Live is a new (Adobe Air) desktop application (for both Windows PCs and Macs) that allows you to easily broadcast immediately or schedule pre-recorded videos as Live streaming videos on both Facebook Live and YouTube Live (and upcoming new feature on Instagram Live).

This is how it works…

Social Kickstart Live 3 Steps

Step 1 Connect Social Kickstart Live to your Facebook and YouTube accounts

In your setting, you only have to connect these once. Just hit the connect button and confirm.

Step 2 Upload video and add post details

First, select whether you want to go live on Facebook or YouTube (2 separate buttons).

Then upload the video and select where you want to show your video.

For YouTube, just select your Channel. And for Facebook, select either your Profile, Fan Page, or Group (that you can manage, i.e. as an administrator).

Currently you can’t stream to multiple Facebook places at once within one setup.

(But you can setup another (scheduled) live broadcast for the other Facebook Place you want to simultaneously post your video to)

Now, just simply add your video title and select the video quality. You can also upload your own thumbnail.

Step 3 Schedule or Go Live with one Click

Select your date and time, or start your live scream immediately. And add your post description that shows up on Facebook or YouTube. You can also set the video to show up publicly or privately (for FB Groups).

Keep in mind that Facebook TOS requires you to state that the video has been “previously recorded”. Luckily, the application allows you to add that in the video post description.

Hit Schedule and inside your dashboard you can see the status of all your scheduled live streams.

Social Kickstart Live Supported Live Streaming Services

Main features of Social Kickstart Live

  • Cast to Facebook Groups, Pages, Personal Feeds, or to YouTube Channels directly or schedule your videos for later live streaming.
  • Post/Schedule unlimited videos.
  • Broadcast from your own IP address. No need of any third party software. Works independently. Hence, no risks from bad usage of other users (with less reach or bans as result).
  • Works with most video formats by converting them into streaming video.
  • Select your bit rate (up to 720p on Facebook and up to 1440p:60 on YouTube) for the best quality (or “good enough quality” if you have slow internet connection).
  • Very easy to use application. No help tutorials needed.
  • 3 Personal Installs for both on PC or Mac.

Why not just go Live with OBS?

Of course, you can go Live on Facebook and YouTube without using Social Kickstart Live. For example, you can use the free tool OBS Studio.

However, OBS is a little bit technical to use and takes some time to really understand (and you have to learn OBS and find out all features yourself because there is no support as with Social Kickstart Live).

Social Kickstart Live is so easy to use – literally a one-click software, so you don’t need any tutorial at all.

But most and for all, you can’t schedule your videos with OBS.

Social Kickstart Live vs LiveCaster

A more or less similar desktop tool is LiveCaster.

So what are the main differences?

FeatureSocial Kickstart LiveLiveCaster
TypeDesktop PC/MacDesktop Windows PC only
Number of applications12
Facebook Live
YouTube Live
Instagram LiveComing soon
Easy Connection with FB++++++++
Number of FB Accounts1 Profile with unlimited
Fan Pages/Groups
5 separate connections
for each Profile/Page/Group
Number of YouTube Accounts1 Profile with unlimited
3 separate connections
for each YouTube Channel
Simultaneous Live CastUnlimited2
Reschedule Broadcasts
Personal Installs3 on PC/Mac1 on PC
Overall Rating4,5 stars4,0 stars
Price$97.00 one-time$37.00 p/y
Sales PageBuy nowBuy now

LiveCaster can only be used on a Windows PC, while Social Kickstart Live can be used on both Window PCs and MACs.

Also, with LiveCaster you’ll actually get 2 applications that are almost identically. One for Facebook and the other for YouTube.

With Social Kickstart Live you have just one application, but you have to post/schedule your recording for Facebook and YouTube separately.

Of course, it’s easier and takes less time to use just one application.

Another main difference is that in the near future, Social Kickstart Live will come with a free Instagram upgrade so that you can upload your prerecorded videos to Instagram Live as well.

(I’m not aware whether and when LiveCaster will come with this Instagram upgrade)

Furthermore, it’s just a little easier to connect your Facebook and YouTube account with Social Kickstart Live (only hit a button and confirm) than with LiveCaster (create API app and enter your App ID and secret code). But this is just a minor difference because you only have to connect your social accounts once.

For LiveCaster, you have to add one Facebook “account” at a time and select whether you want to use if for your Profile, Fan Page, or Group.

So, if you want to have the option to live stream to either your Profile, Fan Page, or Group. You have to create 3 separate “connections”. And the main front-end product allows you to import up to 5 Facebook Pages/ Groups/Profiles (and up to 3 YouTube Channels, while streaming 2 simultaneous Live casts).

With Social Kickstart Live, on the other hand, you just have to connect your Facebook account once.

Once connected, for both applications, in the app itself, for each stream, you can select one Facebook Profile, Fan Page, or Group you want to use for your live stream.

If you want to live stream on more than one place, you have to setup/schedule another stream.

So, that’s all in favor of Social Kickstart Live.

Has LiveCaster a feature that Social Kickstart Live lacks?

Yes, with Social Kickstart Live you can only add one Facebook user account, i.e. your main Facebook profile.

Hence, if you have more than one Facebook account/profile, with Social Kickstart Live you have to use it on another PC or Mac. (You’ll get 3 personal installs with the main front-end Professional Edition).

With LiveCaster you can select up to 5 Facebook Profiles (assuming you have and need more than one FB profile).

Also, with LiveCaster, you can reschedule or go live again with your prior “finished” videos.

With Social Kickstart Live you can reschedule a video as long as it hasn’t already gone live and change the date/time.

If it has gone live, you need to schedule (i.e setup a new campaign) again.

When comparing features, for me, the overall winner is Social Kickstart Live.

Are there any shortcomings?

Currently, you can’t stream to multiple places at once within within one campaign. But as far as I understand, you can setup multiple campaigns where the broadcasts do overlap each other or are streaming at the same time. However, I have not tested this. Maybe, there is a limit with respect to your bandwidth and internet connectivity if you try to stream multiple videos at once.

In that case, I would probably go for a simultaneously setup on another desktop.

Furthermore, for scheduled live streaming, your PC needs to be up and running at the moment you want to play your video. The actual casting will be done on the background, and you can’t just switch off your computer while you are casting.

Another point to mention is, that Facebook and YouTube have created live videos because of the extra user engagement at the time of recording (i.e. streaming of the video).

Not only to show your live video at the right moment, but also to interact with comments, likes and other engagement…

Hence, if you’ll do a live stream with a prerecorded video, be sure you can respond to your viewers in real-time. Otherwise, you’ll “loose” viewers soon.

Why should you buy Social Kickstart Live?

Because Social Kickstart Live is an easy desktop application for going Live immediately or scheduling prerecorded videos as Live streaming videos on both Facebook and YouTube Live (and upcoming Instagram Live).

It’s for any Video Marketer who want to be sure that his/her Live Stream video will look great, get the best engagement, and is shown at the right moment without the possibilities of making mistakes or creating live videos with low or bad quality.

Plus now you can easily take advantage of the fact that live videos will usually get more views on Facebook and YouTube, and often (and certainly in the beginning) rank higher in Search Engines and on YouTube.


You can get access to Social Kickstart Live Professional Edition for a one-time fee of $97.00. With this license you can install the application on 3 personal PC’s or Macs.

If you’ll need more licenses, go for the Outsource Edition ($147.00). Now you’ll get 20 Personal/Outsourcer Installs!

This offer has a full money back guarantee period of 30 days.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility to get Social Kickstart ($247.00). (Click on the link to read my full review)

As second upsell, you can get upgrade to the Social Kickstart Live Agency edition ($17.00 p/m). Now, you can use Social Kickstart Live on behalf of your clients and charge them (monthly) fees for your services.

As third and final upsell, you can get EasyVSL 3.0 with a $30.00 discount ($167.00 p/y or $67.00 one-time and $9.99 p/m). (Click on the link to read my review, but don’t buy EasyVSl via the links on that page, instead wait until you’ll see the third upsell to save $30.00)

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I can recommend all these great software solutions above.


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