ScriptReel Review and Bonus

ScriptReel LogoProduct: ScriptReel
Type: Cloud-based Software
Price: $47.00
Creator: Abhi Dwivedi
Automatically convert any English/Spanish spoken video into a video with (perfectly synchronized) multi-lingual captions, sub-titles and/or computer-spoken (translated) voiceovers in any other language you want. Perfect to show captions on muted videos on social media or to increase your reach and conversions in foreign markets.

Easily translate any video, add captions and sub-titles in any language

ScriptReel Review and Bonus

ScriptReel is a web-based software that allows you to automatically convert any English/Spanish spoken video into a video with (perfectly synchronized) multi-lingual captions, sub-titles and/or computer-spoken (translated) voiceovers in any language you want.

How does ScriptReel work?

Just follow these 5 easy steps…

ScriptReel Steps

Step 1 Get Started

Just give your new campaigns a name, upload your video or enter the YouTube video URL you want to use, select the language, and hit submit…

While uploading/processing your video, ScriptReel automatically recognizes (most of) the spoken English or Spanish sentences and transcribes them into captions and sub-titles which are added at the specific time points inside the video.

(Note: the processing time depends on bandwidth and internet speed but is usually about 2 to 3 times the original video length)

Step 2 Auto Captions, Translation & Editing

The software can recognize the audio with over 90% accuracy, but due to the sound quality, uncommon or unclear spoken words (think about dialects)… some of the words/sentences are not properly transcribed.

Hence, you can edit the text and adjust words/sentences.

And the best part… you’ll see the editing results instantly inside the preview video.

So, you can also adjust the sentence length, leave out (or add) words, or cut-off words and place them on the next “caption slide”.

Once ready, you can convert your transcription into multiple languages.

Just select any of the 100+ languages and within seconds your whole video has been translated!

And if you want, you can download the SRT file (the sub-titles file) that you can use and upload inside your YouTube video.

When ready, just hit Enter…

Step 3 Customization

Just select a Template with preset styling. Or select your own favorite text color, background color, font style, and/or font size.

ScriptReel 27 languages

Step 4 Text-to-Speech

Now as final creation step, you can add Text-to-Speech in the video based on your generated captions.

Just select your language (usually the language you did chose in step 2) and select a male or female voice and whether or not you want to use an accent.

Preview your video and if you are happy, just hit Render…

Step 5 Download & Sharing.

Of course, after your video has been rendered, you can download it.

And from within the application, you can also directly share your video on YouTube and Facebook.

(And if you’ll choose for the Pro Upgrade, you can also share to Instagram and Snapchat by using Dropbox)

Watch the short demo video for ScriptReel to give you a quick idea of all features…

So to summarize, with ScriptReel, you can…

1) basically take out the original audio/sound of your uploaded video,
2) add translated captions in any language you want, and
3) replace the original audio by Text-to-Speech in any language and dialect spoken by male or female computer voice.

Of course, you can also just use ScriptReel for adding captions in your original language.

Or only use translated captions but without changing the original audio.

Hence, ScriptReel is perfect to show captions on muted videos on social media or to increase your reach and conversions in foreign markets, among many other purposes…

Are there any shortcomings?

As this is a cloud-based application, the speed of rendering, upload and processing time depends on the overall usage (by all members) and bandwidth and hosting given by the vendor (and your own internet connection capabilities).

So, in theory, if many people are using the app the same time, you can expect some delays.

But as far as I can see (and during my test), this app is fast and easy to use (and you can always do something else during the rendering).

Also bear in mind that ScriptReel is using Amazon Translate – Amazon Web services (AWS) as service to translate your video content.

So, you have to subscribe to AWS and pay for their services.

Luckily, the translation fees are very low (and free for the first year)…

With Amazon Translate, you pay-as-you-go based on the number of characters of text that you processed. It’s easy to get started with the Amazon Translate Free Tier (translate up to 2M characters monthly – free for the first 12 months). Thereafter you’ll pay just $15.00 per million characters.

It’s my opinion that the vendor should have clearly mentioned (on the sales page) that the software uses Amazon Translate and that you have to pay for it to use their services.

(BTW, you also have to connect to Google via their API but that’s simple to set up and free of charges)

That said, I found the transcription of high quality but it depends on the sound and quality and used words inside the original video whether the app recognizes all words and sentences properly. Be prepared to adjust some “unclear” words, but you can do this really fast.

The time stamps are excellent and the translation into other languages looks fine for me although it’s software and these translations are not always perfect.

And yes, Text-to-Speech computer voices do sound somewhat unnatural. So, not perfect to use in sales videos but often good enough for review or demo videos.

Furthermore, the main front-end allows you to create/use videos with a length up to 20 minutes. Probably enough for most of you. But of course, you can always cut a longer video first into smaller ones and upload these (and combine them later again into one new video).

So, no real deal-breakers. On the contrarian, I really like ScriptReel.

Why should you buy ScriptReel?

Because ScriptReel is the perfect app for adding perfectly synchronized captions inside your video (English/Spanish), adding sub-titles for usage on YouTube, add translated captions in any language you want, and to convert your video audio into multiple languages with Text-to-Speech computer spoken male and female accents.

Now anybody – with or without technical skills – can convert videos into multiple languages without even speaking these language themselves in a matter of minutes.

Before it would cost you fortunes to (let) create these kind of translated videos. Now you can create them too.

Pricing & Coupon Code

You can buy ScriptReel for a one-time price of $47.00.

But if you are lucky, you can still use the Coupon Code VIPOFF to get $5.00 off.

This offer comes with a 14 days money-back guarantee and has the commercial license included. (Actually there are 2 licenses on the front-end page, but the commercial license has by far the best features and costs only 2 bucks more).

Upsells and OTOs

Note: you are only allowed to buy these upsells if you have first bought the main front-end product.

The first upsell is the possibility to get ScriptReel Pro ($67.00). Now, you’ll get these extras:

  • Agency License features & Commercial Usage.
  • Create UNLIMITED Videos per day.
  • Sub-users & Clients Access Feature.
  • Auto Share on Instagram & SnapChat via Dropbox.
  • Connect UNLIMITED Video Site Accounts.
  • Developers License.
  • Virtual Assistant Access.
  • Ready-Made Agency Website with PayPal checkout and more…
  • Video Traffic Generation System (video training).

As second upsell, you can get VidOptimizeNeos Commercial ($37.00).

As third upsell, you can get a discount for VidCuratorFX2 Pro ($47.00). Read my VidCurator FX 2.0 review for all details about this video creation tool (highly recommended as well).

As fourth upsell, you can get a discount for SyVID Agency ($27.00 p/m). A syndication tool to post your new videos automatically to all your social media accounts.

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