ReplyTap Review and Bonus

Replytap Logo SmallProduct: ReplyTap
Type: Cloud-based Software
Price: $197.00
Creator: Karthik Ramani
New live Customer Support & Chat platform with Text, Video and Audio Chat features, Video Welcome Message, Screen Sharing, Video Calling, Co-browsing, (Email) Lead Generation, Push Messages, Canned (Hashtag) Responses, and Knowledge Base.

Chat with your website visitors any way you want: via Text, Audio or Video!

ReplyTap Review and Bonus

What is ReplyTap?

ReplyTap is cloud-based application for customer service management and live support via chat boxes on your web pages. It comes with built-in Text, Video and Audio Chat features, Video Welcome Message, Screen Sharing, Video Calling, Co-browsing, (Email) Lead Generation, Push Messages, Canned (Hashtag) Responses, Knowledge Base features, and more…

ReplyTap has everything from bringing in customers to converting and supporting them all from one single dashboard that you can manage with as many support or virtual assistants as you want (with different access levels).

You can even Integrate ReplyTap within your existing apps by passing on your customer details.

How does ReplyTap work?

Inside your cloud-based application you enter/select all the details about your Chat features and follow these 6 basic settings steps after giving your campaign a name:

  1. General Settings. Select the size of your company, select country, and select time zone.
  2. Chat settings. Set you welcome message, welcome message time delay, Enable Video Chat Y/N (otherwise only Text Chat), Embed Welcome Video (Intro Video), Set video welcome message, Embed Video Outro.
  3. Appearance Settings. Choose your Chat Icon.
  4. [Optional] Custom Field Settings. Add required fields to your chat box that you customers have to enter before they can chat as Email Address, Name etc.
  5. Manage Team. Enter name of team members and give permissions.
  6. Generate and Install Script on your web page(s).

Thereafter, you can communicate with your website visitors and you have the following extra options:

  • Manage your conversations from one central dashboard. See all the stats about the chats (including visitor data as location, time active, and IP address), and the support team activities.
  • Audio and/or Video Calling. Your visitors can hit the audio or video button and can start an audio/video conversation.
  • Build your Email list from all visitors who left their details.
  • Send Email messages to all your “subscribers” or a segment of your list.
  • Send out Browser Push Notifications to all current website visitors.
  • Share your screen during the chat.
  • Co-browsing. Take control over your visitors screen and perform the task for him.
  • Searchable Knowledge Base. Add and fill your knowledge base with all kind of possible question and answers to minimize the workload for your support team.
  • Hashtag Based and Canned Responses. Save regular answers and easily add them to your chat conversations with a hashtag keyword.

Main other features of ReplyTap:

  • 1,000 chats per month on a maximum of 1,000 websites.
  • 100% customizable with just a few clicks, no matter what market or language.
  • Intro and Exit Video Templates.
  • Chat Skins/Templates for Customization and Branding.
  • Typing. This feature allows you to see what your prospect is typing even before they hit on the “Send” button for even faster replies.
  • Surveys at the end of Chats.
  • Mobile Ready. ReplyTap is 100% compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS). Hence you can reach your dashboard from every browser and device. Nothing to install and super easy to use.

Watch the demo video:

How can you use ReplyTap?

As you probably know, major websites use live chat to get more sales and improve user experience and engagement. With ReplyTap you can do the same on your own website and sales pages. But ReplyTap goes one step further. You can now chat on any pages you refer your visitors to. Such as:

  • Sales Pages (your refer to as affiliate). Help your visitors to make the right choice by asking if you can help.
  • Instruction, TOS, Legal or FAQ Pages. Just offer to answer any questions your visitors still may have to remove road blocks.
  • Bonus Pages. Ask your visitors whether they like the bonuses or want something else.
  • Membership Pages. Help you members with their questions.
  • On any other Page where it makes sense to stay in contact with your visitors.

What happens if you’re not online?

Just as with most chat systems, your visitor will be noticed and can leave a message in the form box and the support team will be notified via the application.

Are there any shortcomings?

If you want an easy side wide chat system, there are other and less expensive products available.

But ReplyTap’ power comes with the advanced extra features as audio and video calling, screen sharing and co-browsing that allows you to instantly help your visitors – not only via Text, but also via audio and video and taking over your client’s browser and computer.

I found no other major shortcomings except that there are some limitations/restrictions on the number of conversations (1,000 p/mo), agents (5) etc. – see the sales pages.

But overall, these numbers are no real barriers for most entrepreneurs and small businesses. And you can upgrade to the Pro version if you want with significant less restrictions (see below).

Why should you buy ReplyTap?

Well, ReplyTap is the only all-in-one customer support application that allows you to chat via Text, Audio, and Video and has all kinds of extra features to impress your prospects/clients and help them faster and easier by using Typing, Screen Sharing, Co-Browsing, Canned Responses, Knowledge Base, and more…

So a great application for every business owner who wants to give top notch support. Especially if you take into account the one-time and low…


During the special introduction launch, the price for ReplyTap is $37.00 per month. But for a better deal, choose the one-time lifetime option for $197.00.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the opportunity to upgrade to ReplyTap Pro ($147.00 per year). With ReplyTap Pro you can get rid off most of the usage restrictions. You can use UNLIMITED Chats, Calls & Co-Browsing Sessions, increase by 2x the Number of Sites Supported, 2x Video Chat Templates, 3x Chat Templates, and 5x the number of Agents.

As second and final upsell, you can get the ReplyTap Agency/Reseller Rights ($1,997.00).

Now, you can sell ReplyTap to your own clients (maximum 20 licenses) and can charge any amount you want and keep 100% of the profits yourself. Your clients get their own subscription link and exactly the same application as the ReplyTap Pro buyers.

My ReplyTap Bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link (just click on any link on this page) you’ll get these 6 bonuses.

Plus you can select 3 product for free on (if you’ll buy the lifetime license) and 3 extra products if you’ll also buy the Pro Upgrade.

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How do I get my bonuses?
Just send your purchase details to [email protected] and I will send your bonuses within 24 hours. Read more about my Policy and FAQ about bonuses.

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