Re-Engager Review and Bonus

Re-engager Logo smallProduct: Re-engager
Type: WordPress Plugin
Price: $37.00
Creators: Brett Rutecky, Mike from Main & Tim Verdouw
New WordPress plugin that lets you create Dynamic browser tabs. Re-grab your visitors attention after they left your page but kept your page open in their browser. Stimulate them to revisit your web page by showing a blinking favicon with (a numbered) notification message. Now with possibility to show (video or HTML) popup overlays on the revisit page.

New Awesome Browser Attention Grabber

Re-engager Review and Bonus

What is Re-engager?

Re-engager is a WordPress plugin to make your browser Tabs “Dynamic” with a blinking favicon and switching (numbered) text notification message.

Now, you can re-grab your website visitors attention (after they’ve left your web page and load a new page, but still have your web page browser Tab open) and stimulate your visitor to come on back and revisit your website.

And the cool part is…

If your prior visitor revisits your web page, you can show a popup overlay above your web page to welcome your visitor back or to stimulate them to take any action you want.

So, this plugin consists of 2 parts:

1) the blinking browser icon and message to grab attention back, and
2) the popup overlay on the revisit page to re-engage with your visitor.

Let’s start with the blinking browser icon and message.

Re-engager Title and General Settings

As you can see, it’s just a matter of choosing and entering your preferences.

Note: the “Title when the Tab is inactivated” is the message that will be shown when the prior visitor has opened up a new tab in his/her browser.

Of course, your message should be focused on stimulating your visitor to come back to your page. So, use text messages as “Come Back – Special Offer”, “Wait – You Forgot Something”.

The next step is to decide if you want a blinking favicon yes or no?

Re-engager Favicon Settings

So, once you have your visitor back. You can just show your prior page as before…

Or you can show a popup overlay…

Re-Engager Types Front-End

What kind of attention popups can you create?

  • Custom HTML popup. Add whatever you want into your popup.
  • Image popover with a redirect link or button.
  • Popover a Video with CTA Button. You can easily add a YouTube or Vimeo video.
  • Google Maps for local businesses.
  • Iframe containing any URL/website you want.
  • Opt-in form.
  • [Pro Feature] Auto Redirect to any URL you want.
  • [Pro Feature] Inbox Message Box with a maximum of 5 messages.

Some possibilities…

– Give a discount by showing a coupon code.
– Give something away and build your email list.
– Show a video with call to action

Just be creative and try to re-engage with your visitors (and don’t lose them again).

The creators came with a great “new” way to re-engage by using the “Inbox popover”.

Although this is an upgrade feature, I didn’t want you to miss this one.

Look at the image below, and you directly see what I mean.

Re-enager Inbox Example

Don’t you think this “Inbox” will increase engagement?

How does Re-engager work?

Re-engager Settings

Just follow the steps above, save your settings and add the ‘shortcode’ to any of your WordPress pages or posts.

As a general setting, you can either disable all campaigns. Or select one campaign for all your pages/posts.

If you have a shortcode on your page/post, this setting always overrule the one campaign setting on the general settings page.

Watch the demo video below.

What makes Re-engager so special?

It’s the first “browser attention-grabbing” WordPress plugin based upon notification technology that has been used by well-known social media networks as Facebook. If they still use this technique, it will definitely work for you as well.

So, it’s relatively new and people don’t get used to it. As far as I can see, Re-engager Tabs really grabs your attention. The (blinking) favicon and notification can’t be missed and screams for attention. Especially if you add a new message that triggers curiosity.

I think it’s a great extra tool that you can combine with (or use instead of) other techniques as exit (intend) popups and a zero-bounce plugin.

Does Re-engager work on all browsers?

The software works on nearly all browsers, but there are exceptions.

Re-engager works fully on all versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and OLDER versions of Safari and Internet Explorer.

Since the latest versions of Safari and IE don’t show favicons, this icon can’t be shown on these 2 browsers.

Note: the attention-getting blinking title feature DOES WORK on the latest Safari and IE browsers.

Are there any shortcomings?

As described above, the latest versions of Safari and IE don’t show favicons anymore. Hence, visitors using these browsers won’t see your favicon (but they still can see the notification message).

Also, I don’t know how and if these browser tabs can always be seen on Mobile devices and/or tablets (I just didn’t test this, mainly because I don’t have all these different devices). Re-engager seems to be more dedicated for PC/Mac and laptop users.

But hey, that’s still a huge part of your website visitors.

And imagine if you can only get a few of your visitors back to your website…

Why should you buy Re-engager?

Re-engager is the only WordPress plugin on the market right now that lets you create Dynamic browser tabs. Now, you can re-grab your visitor attention and stimulate them to revisit your web page by showing a blinking favicon and (numbered) notification text message in your visitor’s browser Tab. It uses the proven notification technique as used by Facebook and other social media platforms. Hence, a very smart and new way to reconnect with visitors who already left your website. Especially because you can show any popup overlay on your page to re-engage with your visitors in a very smart way.


You can buy Re-engager (Unlimited Sites) for $37.00 (one-time payment).

The offer has a 14 day no questions money back guarantee period.


The first upsell is the possibility to get the Re-engager Pro License ($47.00 – one-time fee). With this upgrade, you get 2 extra features, plus you’ll get the Developers Rights.

The first extra feature is the auto redirect functionality, which allows you to auto redirect people to any URL you like automatically after Re-Engager forces them to return to your site!

The second one is the high engaging ‘InBox’ functionality which allows you to display a fully functional and customizable Facebook style Instant Messenger ‘InBox’ right on your website.

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Other Comparable Products

This is a unique new solution. I don’t know about any other “browser attention grabbing” tool on the market right now.

Of course, you can try to grab (almost) lost visitors by using exit (intend) popups.

My favorite smart Popup creators (Saas Solutions) are OptiMonk and Engagifire.

Or if you want a WordPress plugins to create your popups, check out my review about Thrive Leads.

Another way to send your lost visitors to any URL you want, is the ZeroBounch WordPress plugin.


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