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Psycho Profits 2.0Product: Psycho Profits
Type: PDF Training
Price: $27.00
Creator: Richard G. Lewis
Psycho Profits 2.0 is an unique sales letter copy writing course. Discover new Sales Psychology and Persuasion techniques and how to write high-conversion sales pages. With plenty of detailed instructions, examples, and case studies.

The Ultimate Copywriting & Persuasion System

PsychoProfits 2.0

What is Psycho Profits?

Psycho Profits 2.0 is a new and unique sales letter copy writing course in PDF format (100+ pages) and email formats. In this course you’ll discover new Sales Psychology and Persuasion techniques and how they should be applied in writing high-conversion sales pages. The author, Richard G. Lewis, has created well-written, in-depth, unique new content with plenty of detailed instructions, examples, and case studies.

Main content of Psycho Profits

Psycho Profits is an excellent product that has 4 unique features:

  1. A Flow Chart “21 Step Flow Formula” of how the pro copywriters structure a sales letter.
  2. A detailed explanation of the psychology behind every section of a sales letter.
  3. The purpose of every section of a sales letter (how it influences decision-making).
  4. Real-world examples of successful sales copy.

The course splits the blueprint of a sales letter into 21 modules (e.g. headline module, benefits module, guarantee module etc.) that you can mix and match to create any sales pitch. For example, you can use all 21 modules for a long form sales letter or use just ten modules or less for a short sales page or video.

These simple step-by-step instructions will make it so much easier for you to quickly structure a high quality sales message that converts.

And the sales copy for this product itself is a must read. It has been setup exactly the way it teaches you to do. Yes, maybe a little bit overwhelming and for some too long. But hey, these kind of sales letters do convert. And now you can learn exactly why and create them yourself.

How to get Psycho Profits 2.0?

Psycho Profits 2.0 used to be a stand-alone front-end product, but is now part of the Taboo Sales Letter Template funnel (it’s the first upsell).

Actually the creator wanted to offer an easy to use “fill-in-the-blanks” Sales Letter Template that can be used by anyone with no copywriting experiences at all. Even better, you can use the template for all kind your products in any niche you want.

And I must said, the template is very easy to use and you can setup your sales letter in about 20 minutes (if you know your product features/benefits and customer avatar) and without knowing about the underlying psychological triggers and copywriting techniques.

For me, just a sales template is not enough. I want to know why this template works. Hence I can adjust it without “destroying” the underlying psychological triggers and copy techniques.

That’s why I strongly advise you to buy Psycho Profits 2.0 as well.

Taboo Sales Letter Template

So what do you get with the Taboo Sales Letter template?

  • Sales Letter Template. Just fill in the blanks for your product/niche.
  • Example Sales Letter. The same template but now filled in with real product and sales copy.
  • Headline Hacker. Discover the 4 elements of all high-converting headlines. Plus 7 example of fill in the blanks headline swipes.
  • Customer Avatar. How to define and construct your perfect Customer Avatar.
  • Trigger. Exploitable Psychological Triggers that you can use inside your sales letter (or other copy).

You can buy the Taboo Sales Letter Template Package for just $27.00. However, I got a discount code…

Discount code for Taboo Sales Letter Template Package

Use Coupon Code taboo48 at the JVZoo checkout page to get the Taboo Sales Letter Template Package for just $9.95.

And yes, the template is fully based upon the principles that you’ll learn inside Psycho Profits.

About the Author

Richard G. Lewis is a (semi) retired internet marketer, research psychologist, copywriter and published author.

Richard wrote the original Make Money Online book, the bestseller “The Small Business Guide to the Internet” (1998). Making him one of the original IM gurus (back when being a “guru” was a good thing).

He holds degrees in business and computing, and he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Chartered Marketer, and an ‘expert’ in E-Commerce as recognized by the UK Expert Witness Directory.

Until recently Richard and his business partner owned numerous online businesses in many different markets – making nearly $9.5 million in just 6 years, employing over 70 employees, attaining ISO 9001:200 and IIP awards, and achieved a Fast Growth 50 award (7th fastest growing company in the country).

Since retiring from full-time business he spends his time with his family traveling the world and writing books or mentoring internet marketers, copywriters and businessmen.

Are there any shortcomings?

My only reservation is that using all the 21 elements (that should be used inside a perfect sales letter) may be “too much” for simple (shorter) sales letters. However you can always just select the modules you really need to keep it simple but still effective.

Why should you buy Psycho Profits?

Because it’s a great resource that explains an easy-to-follow sales letter format with plenty of real-world advice, case studies and examples. But this is just the start, if you go through the sales funnel, you can get an in-depth review by an expert of your own sales page for an unbelievable low price (for more details see the blue arrow below).


First buy the Taboo Sales Template for $9.95 (using coupon code taboo48).

Thereafter, as first upsell, you can buy Psycho Profits for just $27.00.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsell or OTO?

The second upsell is 21 Laws of Persuasion 2.0 ($37.00). Based on scientifically-proven buyer behavior research this additional course follows all the 21 Laws and then explains how to systematically breaks down each and every one of your reader’s objections until they can’t resist to buy your product or services anymore. Become a master in persuasion and don’t just use them only in your (video) sales letters but also in all your other marketing messages (emails, squeeze pages, headlines, banners etc.)

Blue ArrowThe third upsell is an in-depth Sales Page Review of your own sales page ($97.00). The purpose is to optimize your sales page conversion rate. Richard will take a long, hard look at your sales copy, page design, choice of colors, keyword strategy etc. and provide a comprehensive review.

He’ll sort through all the issues your sales page may have and walk you through the psychological triggers you may be missing and open your eyes to new strategies that can significantly increase sales. I just can’t understand why he asks only $97.00 for this service (want to know his reasons, visit the sales page…)

Yes, a once in a life opportunity to improve your sales letter conversions and get the best advice you need. For me a no brainer if you really want to sell more…

Finally there is the possibility to buy the Hypnotic Headlines 2.0 for just $7.00. It’s a comprehensive PDF that explains in specific detail how to write high converting headlines. Lots of examples, formulas etc. A bargain so grab this course too.

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