Software, Tools & Services for Local Clients

software, tools and services to sell to local businesses

What are the best products and services to offer as a service to local businesses?

On this page I will keep you informed with the latest techniques and tools that you can use to offer as a service to your local clients.

(Note: I also have a page for White Label Software products, focused on software that you can sell as your own under your own name. Some products on these pages are the same, i.e. that you can both sell the product and offer it as a service too!)

As always if you buy via my affiliate links you get bonuses too (See for more details at the end of this page).

To make it easy for you, I’ve bundled the tools and techniques in categories:

  • (Mobile) Website Creation Services.
  • Video Creation Services.
  • Social Media Services.
  • Reputation Management.
  • SEO Services.
  • Other Services.

Website Creation Services

Every business needs a professional mobile responsive website on a SSL protected domain.

But still, there are many websites that are not mobile responsive and/or still hosted on a insecure HTTP domain. And many websites are so outdated, that’s easy to sell your services to these website owners.

SSL Installation

An easy way to get a free SSL certificate and sell this service to local clients is by using Cloudflare. Check out my review about Cloud Defender, a PDF guide ($16.50) that shows you everything you’ll need to setup/transfer your websites to Cloudflare and protect your sites against hackers and other intruders.

Don’t want to use Cloudflare?

Take a look at Eazy SSL Profits, a course about how to buy and install a SSL certificate on behalf of your clients.

As buyer of the course, you’ll get one SSL certificate for free (for a year). And in case you’ll need more certificates, you can buy a certificate for a wholesale price of just $27.00 per year.

At the moment the course is about $28.50 (but on dimesale). Hence, a super deal to get quality SSL certificates, learn how to install them, and offer your installation services to local clients, and charge a fee (think about $200-$250 per install, and yearly renewal fee).

As upsell, you can get Lead Finder Jack ($17.00), an easy-to-use software that finds websites that don’t have SSL in any niche or country.

WordPress Services

As most of the business owners are non technical and don’t know anything about WordPress, you can offer all kinds of services around WordPress.

Think about installing WordPress, selling WordPress Themes and Plugins, give training about WordPress etc.

My favorite Website Builders:

As there are so many WordPress Plugins and Themes, your options a endless. Just search on my site and see which themes/plugins come with Developer or Agency licenses.

Looking for a multi-niche team? Check out…

Insta Consultant

InstaConsultant ($27.00-$97.00) is a Great Package Deal with tools to sell to Local Businesses:

  • Proficient Biz WordPress Theme & Advanced Mobile Website Builder. Install this flexible and fully mobile response multi-niche theme for your clients and use the handy separate mobile website builder to really impress your clients.
  • Video commercials. 5 Done-For-You Doodle like Video Commercials in 5 niches (Dentist, Chiropractor, Financial Advisor, Architect and Home Tutor).
  • 200+ Graphics (Ready-to-print and fully editable Brochures, Business Cards, Logos, Coupons, Proposal Templates etc.) in 5 Hot Niches and more…

There are 2 upsells: The Proficient Pro – Profit Booster Upgrade ($97.00) and InstaConsultant ELITE Membership ($27.00 per month with $1.00 trial). Check them out if you want to take your services to the next level and want consistently new products to sell.

I also added 6 awesome bonuses and you get 60/100/50 bonus points (front-end/upsells).

Or check out…

DFY Chief 2.0

DFY Chief 2.0 ($42.00+) is a Library of Website Templates to easily create and sell high-converting websites to local businesses. It comes with complete Drag-and-Drop Page Builder and 30+ Agency Website Templates.

(Bonus: Special Bonus Page + 60/80/80 bonus points)

For another great affordable multi-niche WordPress themes with developer license, check out my review about ProStyler.

Video Creation Services

Local Business Videos

Local Animation StudioLocal Animation Studio ($27.00+)
Creator: Matt Bush
Bonus: Special Bonus Page + 60/60/80/70 bonus points

Cloud-based easy creation system to create and sell professional animated commercials (with 30 templates in 10 niches) in a matter of minutes.
Local Animation Studio Upgrade ($27.00)
Local Animation Studio Whiteboard Pack ($57.00)
Local Animation Studio Promo Pack ($47.00)

Plus for each upsell you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on

Avatar & Spokesmen

Read my article How to use Avatars or Spokespersons inside your video or on your website. Inside you’ll find 4 great tools to create videos with Avatars or real spokespersons.

Especially suitable for welcome videos on your clients websites, or to emphasize a product, call-to-action, or product review.

Short Videos & Video Ads

Another great source to start your video marketing services empire, is my article:

How to create attention grabbing videos and video ads without being a pro in video creation?

Besides references to all kind of video creation tools, you’ll probably need video assets…

Hence, check out these 2 pages: Video Creation Tools and Grahpics & Images.

Not only can you use these videos for your clients Facebook or YouTube video ads, but also for short marketing or promo videos!

So, now you know how to create videos yourself, but how do you sell them?

Of course, you’ll need a professional high-quality website…

Video Agency Studio

With Video Agency Studio ($34.97) you can set up your own digital studio within less than 1 hour. Featuring a pre-made website, loaded with tons of templates and features, dozens of customizable promotional video commercials in a variety of styles, step-by-step training, and more.

Video Agency Studio Upgrade ($37.00)
Video Agency Studio Marketing Pack ($37.00)
EZ Voicemail & Leads Pack ($67.00)
EZ Videos Pack ($47.00)

Bonus: Special Bonus Page + 60/70/70/80/70 bonus points. Plus for each upsell you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on

Or check out…


Videyo ($47.00-$67.00) is a cloud-based software to easily create high-quality videos with Drag & Drop simplicity from fully customizable pre-made Templates. Multiple Video Styles as 3D Animated, Whiteboard, Typography, Slideshow, Logo Reveals, and Commercials. All designed to either use for yourself or quickly sell your videos to (local) businesses via built-in time-saving Video Selling Technology/Platform and integrated CRM system.

Videyo Club ($37.00 p/m or $347.00 p/y)
Videyo Agency ($197.00)
Local Videyo Sales Bootcamp ($97.00)

Bonus: 80/80/150/100 bonus points. Plus for each product in the funnel you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on

Social Media Services

There are so many (free and paid) tools to manage Social Media accounts on behalf of your clients. There is no one “best solution”. It all depends on your clients’ situation and how you are using your social media platforms.

Some tools to consider, where I wrote a review about and come with agency licenses (hence you can give access to your clients):

  • SociBot. A Facebook engagement tool that uses built-in bots to automatically respond to comments or FB messages on your (clients) Facebook Fan Pages and build your FB Messenger List to whom you can send broadcast messages.
  • SociDeck. Easily manage all your Facebook (Pages & Groups), Twitter and Instagram accounts from one central dashboard. You can instantly interact (reply, comment, like, post/schedule, retweet etc.) from within one central feed without having to log into or open individual social accounts.
  • Social Kickstart 2. Find, curate, post or schedule content from different viral sources and simultaneously post it to Facebook (Pages & Groups), Twitter, and Linkedin. Manage everything (incl. Facebook commenting) from one dashboard with cool extra features as Live Facebook Broadcasts with pre-recorded videos, Drag & Drop Facebook Ad Creator, TeeSpring Research, and Retargeting Tool.
  • SimplyViral. Find and post/schedule other people’s viral content to your own Facebook Fan and Group pages on (semi) autopilot.

Please not that the Agency rights (for the products mentioned above) are often offered as an upgrade version where you first have to buy the main front-end product first!

Reputation Management

Reputation Management Confidential
Reputation Management Confidential ($27.00) is a complete course (PDFs and videos) about fixing reputations… AND how be a Social Media Manager for those same businesses!

This course a complete “Business-in-a-box”. Once you get it, you don’t really need anything else but your computer, your ambition, and some time to create an income stream that will pay you month after month, year after year.

A great way to start… but how do you monitor your (clients) mentions?

RepWarn My Alert

Read my review about RepWarn for a great application to get notifications about new mentions of your keyword (phrase) mentioned almost anywhere on the internet. You can use RepWarn for reputation management, damage control, finding leads, improving user engagement, spying on your competition and anything else that you want to monitor and get alerts/warnings about new online mentions (i.e. on the web, social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Yelp, TripAdvisor, blog posts, forums, YouTube, videos, images and more).

And it comes with a Reseller License. Hence, you can sell RepWarn to your clients, who want to monitor their mentions themselves, for a monthly fee and keep all the income yourself.

SEO Services

Local SEO Ninja
Local Seo Ninja ($97.00) is a complete Local SEO video training and software solution for ranking local business websites. 39 Videos, over 5 hours of Training + 100 Software Tools + Tons of additional resources!

Become a master in Local SEO and sell your services for high recurring monthly fees.

Local Seo Ninja Advanced ($37.00)
Local Seo Ninja Local Biz Bundle ($67.00)
Bonus: 100/70/80 bonus points. Plus for each product in the funnel you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on

Claim for cash confidential

There are many ways to offer SEO services, but as easy foot-in-the-door strategy, I can recommend this Claim For Cash Confidential ($27.00) system. It’s a video course with email templates and DFY sales presentation.

It shows you have to get local clients on top of “Google For Business” pages. Plus you’ll get all the marketing material and techniques to reach out to local businesses. Hence, a complete “Business-in-a-Box” system.

Or check out Mapify360. A cloud-based app to easily find and target Local Leads/Clients with unclaimed and non-optimized Google My Business positions. Hence, you can offer your services to rank them higher with DFY ranking reports.

SEO Snapshot

SEO Snapshot is SEO software that allows you to easily make reports and to give dedicated high impact advise to your clients how they can improve their Search Engine rankings by using an uncovered, hidden Algorithm Data that Google doesn’t want you to see. The software can:

  • Quickly visualize your client’s SEO Score (and those of their competitors).
  • Full On page SEO Audit (you client and their competitors).
  • Breakdown your client’s social signals.
  • Complete SEO breakdown of social pages (Facebook, Twitter).
  • Provide a mobile analysis.
  • and much more…

For a limited time (watch the timer), you can grab the White Label Rights (RR) for just $197.00 (regular price $297.00). A great high-quality evergreen product for offering (as part of your) SEO services. Or just sell this as your own product to your clients (and let the client do everything themselves).

Other Services

Every business owner needs some kind of Customer Support/Help Desk Management software for:

  • Customer management.
  • Customer help/support tickets.
  • Customer complaint management.
  • Internal use at businesses (e.g. IT support requests).

TicketHub White Label Rights

TicketHub is 100% web based and comes with Industry-Leading features as Streamlined and Easy-To-Use Admin Panel, Segment by Department, Priority Level System, Merge Tickets, Remove Duplicate Tickets, Add Canned Responses, Custom Ticket Annotation (Notes) System, Detailed User Profile, Differentiate Roles, Integrated Knowledge Base, and more…

For a limited time (watch the timer), you can grab the White Label Rights (RR) for just $197.00. A great high-quality evergreen product to offer as a service to your clients. Or sell as your own. Includes ready-made high converting sales page and is fully re-brandable with your own logo/name.

TextDeliver ($37.00 p/m, $197.00 p/y) is a new SMS/Text Messaging Platform. Main features: Manage your SMS subscribers (with easy list segmentation), Broadcasts and Sequences all from one platform. Integrates with all major ESP/Autoresponders and SMS delivery providers. Additional features: Timezone Detection with scheduled delivery, Keyword Shortcodes (to easily subscribe), Inbox Management, and built-in legal compliance (f.e. easy subscribe/unsubscribe feature).

As first upsell, you get the possibility to upgrade to TextDeliver Agency ($197.00 p/y).

With the Agency license, you can offer your (local) clients access to this awesome SMS/Text Messaging platform. You can charge your clients a monthly fee just for using the platform or extend your services with offering SMS services on behalf of them. Lots of opportunities. Great way to offer real value to your clients.

If you buy through my affiliate links, you can choose 1 product for free on for each product you’ll buy (front-end and upsell). Plus you’ll get these Special Bonuses. And finally, you’ll get 150/150 bonus points.

Tools to find local clients

Discover Review and BonusDISCOVER Lead Generation And Automation Software ($29.95-$297.00)
Creator: Walt Bayliss
Bonus: 150/200/200/80 bonus points

[Cloud-based software] Lead Generation and Automation application for any business. Automatically generate leads based purely on a single word being entered, and automate every element of the process, from contacting the people right through to the follow up and addition to Autoresponders. Must see application! Read my review.
DISCOVER Agency ($97.00-$297.00)
DISCOVER – Profit Pack ($197.00)
ENGAGE ($9.95-$47.00 p/mo)

Plus for each product in the funnel you’ll buy, you can choose 2 products for free on


LocalProfits360LocalProfits360 ($25.00+)
Creator: Han Fan
Bonus: SERP SCRIBE + 60/80/70/80/100 bonus points

[Cloud-based App] Easy software to find local Leads who need your SEO, Google Mapping, Web Design, Social Media, and/or Video Marketing services. With built-in report creator and email marketing campaigns module.

LocalProfits360 Pro ($47.00+ p/q)
CitationBuilder360 ($37.00+)
SSLProfits360 Pro ($47.00-$67.00)
LocalProfits360 Reseller Licenses ($97.00-$127.00+)

Plus for each upsell you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on

Marketing Tools for your Business Services

AgencyProfits360AgencyProfits360 ($27.00)
Creator: Han Fan
Bonus: Special Bonus Page + 60/80/70/70 bonus points

[WordPress Themes] These 6 professional Agency themes come with stunning design, pre-published content, and attention-grabbing VSL video.
XLeads360 Pro ($47.00 Quarterly)
VidioX360 ($37.00 Quarterly)
XRanker360 Pro ($37.00 Quarterly)

Plus for each upsell you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on

This professional “Website Design Services” video above is just one of the 5 Done-For-You Marketing Videos that you can buy and use to attract new leads. The other 4 are: Digital Marketing, Google AdWords, Google My Business, and Business Call Tracking. And you’ll get them with US, UK and Australian accents!

Plus on the main front-end sales page, you can upgrade your video package with a professional Digital Marketing Theme package with 9 Slides and 9 High Quality Converting Articles which cover Web Design, SEO, Google My Business, Lead Generation, Adwords, Reputation, Mobile, Video, and Call Tracking.

Bonus points: Of course you get bonus points if you buy the products below via my affiliate links. To keep it simple, you get 1 bonus point for every buck you spend. You can change these bonus points for great WP Plugins, Courses and other information products on Select Your Bonus.

Select Your Bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily I add new bonuses. You can use your bonus points whenever you want. They will be valuable forever. So you don’t need to hurry to change them into bonuses. Unused points will be kept at your account (until usage).

To get your bonus points, just send your receipt to [email protected] and I will activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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