Playtraffic Review and Bonus [+Coupon]

Playtraffic LogoProduct: Playtraffic Elite
Type: Deskstop Software
Price: $37.00 p/y
Creator: Cyril Gupta (Jeet)
Playtraffic is a new YouTube playlist automation tool to market and rank your YouTube videos and channel with playlists. It allows you to find the top ranking videos for each keyword/phrase, and add these videos together with your own videos into a playlist, and upload or schedule the playlist with one click to one or multiple YouTube channels. A very handy and simple to use tool (for both complete newbies and experienced video marketers).

New YouTube Playlists Automation Tool

Playtraffic Review and Bonus

What is Playtraffic?

Playtraffic is a new Windows desktop App that helps you to easily create and upload video playlists on YouTube. It allows you to find the top ranking videos for each keyword/phrase, and to add/select these videos together with your own videos into a playlist, and upload or schedule the playlist with one click to one or multiple YouTube channels.

Playtraffic comes with video tutorials about how to use the software to get the maximum out of this software.

The idea behind it is, that if you combine your own videos with high quality and most watched videos from others into your new playlist, you’ll benefit with not only better rankings for your videos and channels in YouTube’s regular (homepage) search, but also inside YouTube’s separate playlists search area.

It’s just like the same concept as if you want to rank your blog articles by combining the article(s) with other authority content into RSS feeds (and ping these feeds to Search Engines).

How does Playtraffic work?

Playtraffic Dashboard

After logging in, giving your campaign a name, and adding your YouTube channel, just follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Find the proper keyword (phrase) and videos

Just enter your keyword phrase and hit the green search button. Now, you’ll get a list with all the related (LSI) keywords. Click on a keyword and the software now shows all top ranking videos on YouTube for that keyword.

For each video, you’ll see all the stats as number of Likes, Dislikes, Comments, and Views. By clicking on the video thumbnail, you can watch the video.

But you can also search in the “Find Videos” tab if you want to go behind the top ranking videos.

In both cases, the idea is to select a number of relevant videos and add them to your shortlist.

Step 2: Create Your Playlist

Thereafter (still in the “Find Keywords” tab), per individual keyword, you can hit the “Action” button to create your Playlist (with option to immediately add description and tags for your playlist).

Now, in the right side of the menu, inside the tab “Play Lists”, you can see/open your playlist and from there you can add your own videos into the playlist and order them however you want.

Step 3: Publish your Playlist

In the tab “Publish”, you can find all your playlists, and can publish your playlist immediately or you schedule the upload for later. Both options allow you to publish to one or multiple channels at once.

In the tab “Scheduled”, you can find all your scheduled playlists (which you can delete if you want to cancel).

Watch the demo video (by the creator/vendor himself):

In the “Settings” tab, you can add 5 Channels and you can have a maximum of 3 campaigns. With the Pro Upgrade, you can use 20 Channels and have 25 campaigns.

As you can see, very easy to use software.

A short summary of all the features:

Playtraffic Features

How to use the software?

First, you can just use Playtraffic to easily create playlists with only your own videos. This way, you’ll use the software to save you time, and YouTube knows now which videos are related and will show your related videos more often on the right side (in the related videos section). Plus, people who are searching inside YouTube’s playlist search will now find your playlists (and videos).

The other way, of course, is to take advantage of the rankings of other people’s videos. Hence, by combining your videos with these high ranking videos inside your playlist(s), you can kind of “piggyback” on their authority/ranking.

As a result, your videos will show up more often on the right side, and in keyword searches (for both regular video/channel search and playlist search).

And if you are going to buy the third upsell, Tuberank Jeet 3 Pro, you can also optimize your titles, descriptions, and tags as well. (Again, based upon what the currently highest ranking videos are using as titles, descriptions, and tags)

Now, you’ll improve your chance to rank even higher… either as a related video on the right next to the top videos, and/or for keyword searches. Not only in YouTube but often on Google or other search engines as well.

Are there any shortcomings?

Playtraffic is very easy to use and loads fast (as it’s desktop version and connects to internet, of course, this depends on your own internet up- and download speed).

Especially, I like the easy keyword finder with all related top ranking videos. Just enter one keyword, and use the same process for each suggested keyword over and over again. Hence, it’s a huge time-saver and you even don’t have to open up YouTube in your browser!

Of course, there are other ranking factors as well, like the number of views, the level of engagement (likes, dislikes, comments), the video retention rate, the number of backlinks etc.

But uploading playlists, will be highly appreciated by both your viewers and YouTube (of course by adding relevant videos to each other).

So, this is no forbidden ranking strategy. The software uses the official API with Google. Hence, no risks for banning or losing your rankings. This software can only improve your rankings (or in the worst case, you won’t see effects).

Maybe, if you already optimized your playlists and don’t need the automation time savings, this is not for you. But for anyone else who likes the concept of improving your rankings with playlists, this is an awesome new software, the first of its kind. There is no other software, as far as I know, on the market with these features.

So, no real shortcomings noticed by me.

Why should you buy Playtraffic?

Because it’s an easy to use desktop software tool to market and rank your YouTube videos and channel with playlists. Easily create playlists by finding the top ranking videos for each keyword/phrase, and after combining these videos together with your own videos, you can upload or schedule your playlist with one click to one or multiple YouTube channels. It’s just a very handy and simple to use tool (for both complete newbies and experienced video marketers).

Even if you don’t take this offer, go for the third upgrade (see below) and get TubeRankJeet 3 Pro + Tube Tracker ($47.00) with a discount of $94.00 (regular price $141.00)!

Price & Coupon Code

You can buy Playtraffic Elite for $37.00 per year.

But for a limited time, you can use Coupon Code ‘playdiscount’ to get $5.00 off.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsell or OTO?

Note: you are only allowed to buy these upsells below if you have first bought the main front-end, i.e. the Playtraffic Elite version.

The first upsell is Playtraffic Pro ($67.00). Now you’ll get these extra features:

  • Full Automation Mode. Just turn it on and Playtraffic will post playlists to your channels without you having to click even a button.
  • Playlist Manager. Now you can load up the existing playlists on any channel and modify them (Change, Delete, Add new videos) or Delete playlists.
  • Manage more campaigns with an enhanced limit of 25 (instead of 3).
  • Manage more channels with an enhanced limit of 20 (instead of 5).
  • 3 PC licences (instead of 1). Install the software on 2 of your other computers, or give a copy to your associate.
  • Free Updates for 2 years. Protect yourself from changes on YouTube API.
  • Extra NicheXploit software (value $47.00) to research everything for your niche.

The second upsell is the possibility to obtain the Playtraffic Agency ($97.00). Now you can use Playtraffic on behalf of your client’s and offer “playlists services”.

As third upsell you can get the opportunity to buy TubeRankJeet 3 Pro + Tube Tracker ($47.00) with a discount of $94.00 (regular price $141.00).

The first software allows you to find the best keywords to rank for and to create the proper video description and tags based upon what your Top competitors are doing. Plus it comes with easy one-click upload feature to YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion (read my full review).

While Tube Tracker allows you to monitor your YouTube rankings.

Hence, both awesome software tools that any serious video marketer should have. Highly recommended.

The fourth upsell is YouTube Marketing Roadmap ($27.00). This is an additional video training (above the less advanced training as part of the main front-end) about how to use Playtraffic for the maximum results.

As fifth and final upsell you can obtain the Playtraffic Reseller ($67.00) or White Label Rights ($297.00).

With the Reseller rights you just send traffic (as an affiliate) to the main front-end offer and you’ll get 100% commissions, plus 50% over the other products in the funnel. (You can start selling per February 3th, after this launch ends)

With the White Label rights, you have to re-brand this product with your own branding, create your own sales funnel/pages, and can sell both the main front-end plus the Pro upgrade for any price you want.

A great opportunity for the more advanced marketer with a client base. Visit my page for more Software products with Resell and/or White Label rights.

My Playtraffic bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link, you’ll get these bonuses. And you can select 3 products on this page (many with reseller licenses).

Plus for each upsell you’ll buy, you can choose one product for free on

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Select Your Bonus demo

To get your bonuses, just send your receipt to [email protected] and I will activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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