Low Hanging System Jumpstart Review and Bonus

Low Hanging System Jumpstart Logo SmallProduct: Low Hanging System Jumpstart
Type: Training & Software
Price: $1997.00
Creators: Rachel Rofe & Don Wilson
Low Hanging System Jumpstart is a complete system to setup your Print On Demand business the easy way. It comes with a training program with case studies, live group coaching, free access to GearBubble’s Enterprise Level Software (with Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and Shopify integration), DFY Designs, Free boxes with white Mugs printed with your mockup and delivered to Amazon (FBA). All essential components to start selling your own physical “small text phrases mock-up” products on major eCommerce sites without having to invest upfront in inventory and extremely newbie friendly.

Easiest Way to Start Your Own Print On Demand Business

Low Hanging System Jumpstart Review and Bonus
Webinar Registration: May 15th 2020
Webinar: May 17th 2020 at 2pm EST
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What is Low Hanging System Jumpstart?

Low Hanging System Jumpstart is a complete system to setup your Print On Demand business the easy way. It comes with the Low Hanging System training program with case studies, live group coaching, free access to GearBubble’s Enterprise Level Software (with Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and Shopify integration), 100 DFY Designs, 5x Free boxes with 36x Mugs printed with your mock-up and delivered to Amazon (FBA).

All essential components to start selling your own physical “small text phrases mockup” products on major eCommerce sites without having to invest upfront in inventory.

Why the name Low Hanging System Jumpstart?

Of course, the name refers to “Low Hanging Fruit” – and that’s for a reason…

Maybe you’ve tried to create and sell physical mock-up products before and found it difficult to come up every time with new designs.

But did you know that you can sell high-selling mock-up products that only consists out of small text phrase? Like these ones…

Low Hanging System Jumpstart Mugs Example

These mugs have been sold thousands of times!

You just need a good text phrase and an inspiring font.

I think you’ll agree that the “design” process for these mockups can be done by everyone. But to start a successful eCommerce business is another story…

And that’s what’s Low Hanging System Jumpstart is all about…

It’s a full system where you’ll get everything you’ll need to start your eCommerce business by selling physical text-phrase mockup products.

The Low Hanging System Jumpstart consists of:

  • Low Hanging System Course. Inside you’ll learn how to design physical products and sell them on Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy using free methods. Includes active Facebook Group (1,000+ members), case studies, mockups, downloads, and more.
  • Access to GearBubble’s Enterprise Level Software with…
    • Lifetime Amazon Software Integration (normally $97.00 p/m). With the push of a button, this software allows you to easily generate a ton of exposure on the world’s largest online retail platform.
    • Lifetime eBay Software Integration (normally $27.00 p/m). With this software, you’re only a few clicks away from placing your products in front of millions of hungry buyers and scaling your business to incredible heights.
    • Lifetime Etsy Software Integration (normally $297.00 p/m). This untapped online marketplace provides you with an opportunity to make easy sales from a steady stream of free traffic.
    • Lifetime Gearbubble/Shopify Software Integration (normally $97.00 p/m). You won’t have to lift a finger thanks to this seamless Shopify integration that auto-fulfills your custom products every time a customer places an order.
    • Lifetime Shirt integration.
    • $100.00 in Gearbubble Credits. A $100 credit will be placed on your account so your first few sales will be pure profit.
  • 3 months access to SpotNiches web software. Quickly uncover “hidden gem” niches that will allow you to make sales lightening fast.
  • 5 Free boxes of 36x printed white mugs (5x $178.20 = $891.00 value). Once you sell these 5 free boxes of white mugs, you’ll have made enough money to justify the payment for this program. It’s all profit from there!
  • 200 Free DFY designs. You don’t need any design skills because you’ll get access to 100 “ready to upload” white mug designs, plus 100 “ready to upload” designs for black shirts (or use them for any other product).
  • Weekly live call for 90 days. Get your questions answered by Rachel Rofe, a proven mentor who has earn well over 6-figures using this exact system. During the live call, you’ll benefit from her extensive experience as she helps you through any obstacles that you may experience.
  • Lifetime access to members-only Facebook Group.

The LHS course consists of an easy to follow 7-step Program with case studies, software tools, guides, templates, and awesome bonuses:

Step 1 Find proven niches. Use the (included) SpotWins Research Tool to find hundreds of top-selling designs on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other places.

Step 2 Make a great design. Here you can use the Holiday Guide and the library of “Watch Me Get Sales Case Studies” showing you everything you need to create your design with tips about where to find free clip arts, how to find trending topics and how to scale from an existing mockup (with interesting “Pillow case study“). Or use the (included) Picsplosion desktop app to make professional designs.

Step 3 Launch on UseGearBubble.com. (See the amazing free year access bonus!)

Step 4 Find and use sales getting keywords.

Step 5 Launch on Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy. Use the easy to use Mug Description Templates.

Step 6 Promote/Post on other sites as Bonanza. Use the Promotional Checklists.

Step 7 Process your orders with GearBubble.

And if you’ve still any questions left, you can ask them in the closed Facebook Group among your peers.

This course (and FB Group Live Coaching) is the heart and soul of the system. However, the GearBubble integration and bonuses makes this a no-brainer…


For those who don’t know. GearBubble is a Print On Demand fulfillment platform where you can easily create and sell merchandise with zero up-front costs. It’s a US based company and all products are printed and delivered from within the US.

So, if you’re selling to US clients, the delivery time inside the US is the fastest as possible (with regular Post).

And Gearbubble has now integrations with Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Shopify. So, you can easily star selling through these platforms without having to keep inventory!

Gearbubble is growing

At the moment, you can sell these kinds of articles on/via GearBubble:

Gearbubble items

How to get traffic to your products?

This system is based on selling through major “marketplaces” as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

And that’s why Gearbubble’s Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy integration modules are so important and will make your promotions so much easier.

The traffic is already there…

Inside the training, you’ll learn how to rank your products on these platforms and get free traffic.

(Of course, you can sell your products via Shopify and advertise as well. And probably still the best way to do is by using Facebook advertising)

So, a complete package deal. From start to finish. From selecting and finding niches/designs, market your products on major eCommerce platforms, using Gearbubble for the printing on demand services, and finally to deliver you products.

Now everyone can start a mock-up eCommerce business without having to invest in inventories or to spend time and money on trying and testing.

To start this launch, there was a Live Webinar.

In case you missed this webinar, you can watch it below…

Please don’t use the link inside that video to get my bonuses!
(but use the links on this page)

Are there any shortcomings?

As with all courses, it really depends on your experience, knowledge, and how you’ll use the given information whether this is the right training for you. It’s only a valid system if you’ll take action and follow the steps and spend time and money to develop your eCommerce business.

It’s no quick-rich scheme or unproven system with teachers who don’t preach what they practice. No, it’s a complete system.

The creator Rachel Rofe knows what she is talking about. She is the girlfriend of Don Wilson, one of the business owners of Gearbubble. She has created many successful campaigns herself and helped others to achieve them. And she has the insights on Gearbubble what’s been selling.

Besides the quality content (videos, templates, guides, case studies), for me, the extra power comes with the 1-year UseGearBubble.com free membership.

This is a huge bonus value. It gives you the opportunity to start with and try Gearbubble without paying the monthly or yearly fees upfront. Hence a risk-free trial that lowers your cost of entry (besides that you won’t need any investments for keeping your inventory – you’ll only order after someone pays you). So, the perfect start for someone who won’t want to invest too much in their business at the start.

Of course, you can use the Low Hanging System Jumpstart in combination with any other Print On Demand fulfillment services and you can expand your reach with a Shopify store.

And although Gearbubble is located in the US, you can sell your products internationally.

Why should you buy LHS Jumpstart?

Because it’s the perfect all-in-one system that teaches you how to set up your own eCommerce business by selling your own physical mock-up products on major eCommerce sites (as Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy) without having to invest upfront in inventory. It comes with additional case studies, templates, guides, software and 1-year free access to UseGearBubble.com (with lifetime Amazon, Ebay & Etsy integration).

Plus you’ll get some extra bonuses to really quick start as 100 DFY designs, 5x Free white Mug boxes (with 36 items) delivered to Amazon (FBA), free credits, and more…


You can get access to Low Hanging System Jumpstart for a one-time payment of $1997.00.

This can be pricey for some of you. But consider… now you’ll have everything to start selling your own proven to convert POD products. You’ll get the system, the DFY designs, the software, the 5 free boxes, the delivery credits, and more…

As this is a high-ticket product, the product is fully demonstrated inside a webinar (see link above).

Note: due to the fact that the vendors have to do several tasks as DFY designs, free shipments and others, there is no refund option!

So, only invest if you are really serious…

My Low Hanging System Jumpstart Bonus

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To get your bonuses, just send your receipt to [email protected] and I will send your bonuses within 24 hours.

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