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letSetCom LogoProduct: LetSetCom
Type: Cloud-based App
Price: $67.00
Creators: Team LetX
[All-in-one Sales Boosting Suite] Boost your marketing pages with these smart traffic, sales and conversion boosters as Browser Tab Messaging, Auto-Playing Videos (which overrule Chrome’s disablement), Welcome Mats, Promo/Hello bars, Scarcity Timers, Exit Popup/Mats, Bonus Popups, Review Boxes, Testimonial Boxes, Link Masking (to bypass Social Media link restrictions), and more…

Boost Your Sales and Conversions


What is LetSetCom?

LetSetCom is the latest product of Team LetX. Three months ago the team introduced LetMailBox, a suite of 24 tools to boost email clickthrough rates and conversions…

Now they use the same “concept” for web pages…

But with a rather “strange name”, LetSetCom. A better and more descriptive name could be “LetPageBoosters”.

So, LetSetCom is an all-in-one toolbox to increase conversions and sales for any website or landing page that you can manage, no matter what kind of page builder or CMS you are using. Just add one line of code to your pages (works even for WordPress sites).

What kind of boosting tools have been included in the suite?

You can create all these types of campaigns:

  • Tab Messaging. Retrieve lost traffic by enabling tab messaging on your website. (Sound, Favicon, and attention grabbing text if someone opens another browser tab)
  • Bonus PopUp. Easily add bonuses that grab attention and leave your users curious to explore more.
  • 1-Click Page (Bonus) Page Builder. Get more out of your affiliate promos by creating a high converting bonus page right from your dashboard.
  • Review Box. Convert more visitors into sales by showing user reviews.
  • Testimonial Boxes. Increase conversions with attention-grabbing customizable testimonial boxes.
  • Central Timers with multiple Timer Templates. Create Urgency and limited time deals/offers using highly customizable Timers.
  • Exit Intent & Exit Mats. Stop your users from leaving your website/page by showing an Exit Intent Mat or Popup.
  • Hello/Promo Bar with CTA. Add an interactive promo bar to increase your visitor engagement and conversions.
  • Hello/Promo bar with Timer and CTA. Add scarcity to your promo bars.
  • Link Masking. Deeplink masking, personalize, shrink, cloak, track, organize and manage your links. (Deeplink masking: put your links on Google, Facebook or anywhere without getting banned)
  • Back Navigation. Control where you visitors go if they hit the back button (redirect them to any URL you want).
  • Autoplay Video. As you know, Chrome has disabled auto play videos. With LetSetCom you can still put a video on your web page that plays automatically.

LetSetCom Features

All these features are clearly explained on the sales page with demos. So, I won’t discuss them into detail.

Plus LetSetCom comes with these additional features:

  • Advanced URL Targeting. F.e. choose where to show your campaign based on where your visitors came from, or select which pages to exclude.
  • Advanced Campaign Management. Edit, Archive, Pause or Activate your campaign with just one click.
  • Detailed Reporting & Stats. Analyse your campaigns and see where and when your visitors are coming from!
  • WordPress plugin to use LetSetCom inside WordPress.
  • LetSetCom Shopify App for Shopify users.
  • Seamlessly integration with 10 apps.
  • Nothing to install or host, all done in the cloud.
  • [Only During Launch] Commercial License included. Run clients’ campaign from your LetSetCom dashboard with no limitations.
  • [Pro Upgrade Feature] Add a Whitelabel Domain.
  • [Pro Upgrade Feature] Removable Branding.
  • [Pro Upgrade Feature] Advanced Link Masking with branded Whitelabel ability.
  • [Pro Upgrade Feature] Add any Retargeting Pixel.
  • [Pro Upgrade Feature] Advanced Photo Editor.
  • [Pro Upgrade Feature] Premium URL Targeting. Set up (complex) rules in one easy click to show up an element or a pop-up to visitors based on their behavior.
  • [Pro Upgrade Feature] Advanced & Personalized Customization of all Sales Boosters with real time preview feature.
  • [Pro Upgrade Feature] Full integration with other apps as Payment Processors, Affiliate Platforms, Email Service Providers, eCommerce Platforms, Page Builders, and Zapier.
  • [Pro Upgrade Feature] Full Commercial/Agency Rights.

Watch the demo video to see all features in action…

How does LetSetCom work?

Step 1 Install the LetSetCom code on your website or webpage

First enter your domain URL and thereafter just copy and place a single line of code inside the header of your webpage. Or use the WordPress plugin. You only have to do this once.

Step 2 Create a new Campaign and Select any sales booster/growth tool you want

Step 3 Customize the booster and hit save

That’s it.

Not happy with your settings?

Just edit your settings again. No need to replace the code on your webpage if you change your campaign settings!

What makes LetSetCom so special?

Well, now you can create (and monitor/manage) all your conversion and sales boosting web page elements from one central dashboard accessible from any device you want.

Hence, you don’t need specific software anymore for timers, (bonus) popups, welcome mats, exit intend mats, promo bars, review/testimonial boxes, auto video playing tools, or cloaking/link masking tools.

And you have a bunch of elements that you can select out of. So, your squeeze, sales, and bonus pages can be optimized exactly the way you want with a few clicks (i.e. settings in your dashboard).

Furthermore, you only have to create a boosting element once and can re-use it on other pages (i.e. campaigns) as well.

Also, you only have to add a single line of code once to your web page(s) and all changes in your campaigns thereafter are automatically adjusted on your pages (no need to replace the code).

Both these last features are huge time-savers.

Finally, the 1-click page builder is awesome. You just select all the elements you want to use and can create your bonus/squeeze page within minutes.

Already have a Page or Popup Builder?

I know, most of you probably will already have a page (and/or popup) builder…

So why do I still recommend you to buy LetSetCom?

First, because not all page and/or popup builders have all these boosting elements that you can use.

Furthermore, I don’t know about you… but I do use different WordPress Themes and Plugins on my sites (as Thrive Themes/Architect), different page builders (as WP Profit Builder, InstaBuilder, and different “total solutions” (as Kartra and Kyvio), or I use plain HTML (bonus) pages, and what else do you have?

Now, with LetSetCom you can f.e. create one promo bar, exit popup, or welcome mat and use it on different “page builders” or HTML pages.

You only have to add a line of code to that page. And your boosting element works everywhere!

For example, now I can easily personalize any standard HTML bonus page (created by the vendor to use for its affiliates)…

Think about adding a timer, bar, or add my additional bonuses to that page!

And yes, you can re-use these elements on other (bonus) pages in the future.

Are there any shortcomings?

The main front-end comes with 2 versions: the Commercial Plan ($37.00) and the Agency Platinum Plan ($67.00).

Of course the Platinum version has more features as more integrations, the WordPress plugin, Shopify App, 7 Fig. VIP MasterMind Group, extra Webinar, Agency Rights, and premium support.

So, I would definitively choose for the Agency Platinum Plan.

(And also buy the first OTO, the Pro version, to get all Pro features. Read further under pricing to see how you can get both the Agency Platinum Plan with Pro Upgrade for just $67.00)

But maybe you don’t need these extras or have a small budget.

For your info, I only have access to all the full features. Hence, I don’t know how the Team LetX branding looks like and if it’s annoying or not?

But that’s something to consider if you won’t opt for the Pro version.

Furthermore, as the code is created on the LetSetCom.com domain, you’ll rely on the working (and trustworthy) of that domain. However, there is an option to use white label domains, but this is a Pro Upgrade feature.

What about the boosting element features/

Well, they all work as supposed to be, but as it’s a suite of tools, don’t expect each tool to have all the best features and customization options as stand-alone high-priced solutions.

But overall, I like this application and it’s very easy to use.

I bought and use LetSetCom myself and can highly recommend this suite of tools.

Why should you buy LetSetCom?

Because LetSetCom is an easy to use app to add all kinds of sales and conversion boosting elements to any web page (that you can manage). As LetSetCom can be used for HTML pages, any CMS, or any Page Builder, you can use the boosting elements anywhere. No need to learn any code or to buy expensive page and/or popup builders (with monthly fees).

No, you just place one line of code inside the header of a page once and can re-use all elements on different web pages (campaigns).

Pricing & Discount

On the regular sales page, you can get access to main front-end of LetSetCom for a monthly fee of $27.00 or yearly fee of $197.00

As I obtained the resell rights to sell LetSetCom Agency Platinum with Pro Upgrade (OTO1) myself, I can offer you a special offer.

Instead of paying monthly fees of $27.00 (Agency Platinum) and an additional one-time fee for the Platinum Pro Upgrade, you can get them both for a One-time Payment and pay just $67.00 in total.

Just go to either one of my special sales pages (both will have a payment button to pay for the full package, i.e. main Agency Platinum front-end plus Platinum Pro Upgrade):

GeorgesDeals: LetSetCom Agency Platinum

GeorgesDeals: LetSetCom Agency Pro Upgrade

Is there any difference between my special and the offer from the original vendors?

Yes, but just a small one…

I can’t offer you all early birth (i.e. launch) bonuses as mentioned on the original sales pages.

Hence, you’ll get all the same features but without any bonuses (you also won’t get my affiliate bonuses as below). You’ll only get 100 bonus points that you can use on Select Your Bonus.

But you still get all new future features, updates as anyone else, and get all the support from the vendor.

Upsells and OTOs

During the launch (now closed), the creators allow you to upgrade to LetSetCom Pro Agency. With this upgrade, you’ll get unlimited features as:

  • Unlimited Personal Domains and Emails.
  • Post your Links on Social Media with copy/paste simplicity.
  • No LetSetCom Branding.
  • Add a Whitelabel Domain.
  • Advanced Link Masking with branded Whitelabel ability.
  • Add any Retargeting Pixel.
  • Advanced Photo Editor.
  • Premium URL Targeting. Set up (complex) rules in one easy click to show up an element or a pop-up to visitors based on their behavior.
  • Advanced & Personalized Customization of all Sales Boosters with real time preview feature.
  • Full integration with other apps as Payment Processors, Affiliate Platforms, Email Service Providers, eCommerce Platforms, Page Builders, and Zapier.
  • Full Commercial/Agency Rights to add domains for you customers.

Hence, awesome extra features. That you’ll get if you’ll directly buy from me.

My LetSetCom Bonus

As this is a special deal, there are no additional bonuses.

Buy LetSetCom now ====>GetAccessNow

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Of course, there are many other Page Builders that allow you create timers, bars, popups, etc. But these will only work inside that particular application. With LetSetCom you can use your tools on any page and with any Page Builder.

That said, my favorite page builders using WordPress are (as Thrive Themes/Architect), WP Profit Builder 2.0, and InstaBuilder 2.0.

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