LetMailbox Review and Bonus

LetMailbox Logo SmallProduct: LetMailbox
Type: Cloud-based App
Price: $47.00
Creators: Kimberly & Danny de Vries, Vipul Garg
New cloud-based app to easily create all kind of engaging elements that you can place inside your emails to increase engagement and clickthrough rates. 24 Elements as Y/N Bar, Feedback, Polls, Q&A, Timers, Personalized Images, Link Preview Cards, CTA Buttons, Footer Widgets, Signatures, Social Badges, Social Share Buttons, Self Destructing Messages, Social Post Embeds, Video, GIF, and Image embeds.

Boost Your Email Clickthrough Rates

LetMailbox Review and Bonus

What is LetMailbox?

LetMailbox is a new web based application (SaaS) that allows you to easily create engaging elements that you can include in any email you’ll send out that allows you to use HTML code.

What kind of engaging elements?

Well, there are actually 24 engaging elements that you can create, divided in 4 groups:

  • AutoPlay Video. Upload your video and LetMailbox creates a GIF out of it (showing the first 10 seconds), and adds an mute button that “forces” email readers to click and send them to any URL you want (with your video inside).
  • Self Interacting Elements: Y/N Bar, Feedback, Polls, Q&A, Group Event Poll.
  • Conversion Elements: Timers, Personalized Images, Link Preview Cards, CTA Buttons, Footer Widgets, Signatures.
  • Engaging/Growth Elements: Social Badges, Social Share Buttons, Self Destructing Messages, Twitter Tweed Embed, YouTube Embed, Vimeo Embed, Google Map Embed, Instagram Embed, Pinterest Embed, Twitter Timeline Embed, GIF Embed, and Image Embed.

LetMailbox 24 Elements

How does LetMailbox work?

LetMailbox 3 Steps

Step 1 Select one of the 24 Elements

It’s just as easy as it sounds. Click on the Create Element button, give your element a name/description, select one of the 24 elements that you want to use.

Step 2 Customize the Element

Just customize the element as you like it. If you are ready hit Submit and…

Step 3 Copy and Paste the HTML code inside your email

You can place the HTML code in any email program that allows HTML code.

Hence, inside your broadcast emails, Autoresponder (i.e sequence) emails, or inside your stand-alone email and/or email reply.

And what nobody is telling you…

You can use these elements on your web pages as well (see for some Element examples below…).

That’s it. After you have copied the code inside your email and send it out, you can analyze your stats in the Snapshot Module or per element.

LetMailbox Elements Dashboard

What makes LetMailbox so special?

Well, now you can create (and monitor) all your engaging email elements from one central dashboard accessible from any device you want.

You don’t need specific software anymore for timers, video to GIF exporter, Polls, Y/N bars, Image editor, personalized images etc.

And you have a bunch of elements that you can select out of. So, your emails will be less boring, more engaging, and will increase clickthrough rates.

And that’s what it’s all about.

You probably have seen those personalized images, timers, or GIFs…

But do you use them yourself?

Now, there are no excuses anymore…

Main features of LetMailbox

  • Easy to use Dashboard and User Interface. This app is super easy and you don’t need any tutorials to start right away.
  • 24 Engaging Elements.
  • Per Element features to Clone, Archive, Copy Code, and Analyze stats.
  • Video Conversion. LetMailbox converts any MP4 file into an “clickable/muted” email video.
  • Image Library to upload and manage all your images/videos.
  • Multilingual (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch)
  • Create UNLIMITED Elements and get LIFETIME Access.
  • Special Launch Bonus: 90 Minutes of Professional Training.
  • Special Launch Bonus: LetMailbox Image Editor.

Watch the demo video below to see all features in action.

Some LetMailbox Elements in action

GIF with unmute button:

LetMailbox GIF Example

The Y/N Bar:

Do you like LetMailbox?
Yes, I love it No, I prefer plain text
Powered by LetMailbox

The Feedback Element:

Do You Like LetMailbox?
Powered by LetMailbox

The Call to Action Button:

Are there any shortcomings?

Well, most of the elements you can create with other apps and place them inside your emails.

For example, if you have a Timer application that you can place on your website, you can embed it inside your email as well.

And yes, you can convert videos yourself into GIFs, and add an unmute overlay button on it…

But the real power comes with the fact that you’ll now have 24 elements inside a central dashboard that you can create, use, and monitor (to find out what elements have the highest click rates) at your convenience.

Or in other words, it forces you to use/choose an element with the highest impact.

I don’t know about you but how often do you add a poll, feedback, or Y/N bar inside your email?

Now you can.

That said, I found some minor shortcomings…

Some of the elements have the “powered by LetMailbox” inside the code (but even if you are not HTML savvy, you can just delete that line of code). That said, I’m not a lawyer, and if you want to be sure, buy the Pro upgrade where you have the option to remove the branding.

Also, you can’t edit a saved Element. No big deal, as you can Clone an Element and edit/change this clone (the only negative in that case is that you have to re-paste the new code inside your email).

Furthermore, as the code is created on the letmailbox.com domain, you’ll rely on the working (and trustworthy) of that domain. There is an option to use white label domains, but this is a Pro Upgrade feature.

Finally, with the Polls, Feedback, and Y/N bars, the app counts the results and shows all the stats in graphics with details for clicks (hour, date, used browser (it even recognizes Google bots), device, country (in map), and with the Pro Upgrade you can even download your results in a PDF.

However, you can only redirect the people who click on the button or give feedback to one single URL. It would be nice if you could send them to different URLs based upon the answer they gave.

But overall, I like this application and it’s very easy to use.

Why should you buy LetMailbox?

Because LetMailbox is an easy to use app for creating all kind of engaging elements that you can add inside your emails to increase engagement and clickthrough rates.

As you can embed the code in any email program that allows HTML editing, you can use LetMailbox with all major Email Service Providers. No need for (API) integration or possible connect issues.

No, LetMailbox will always work… and yes the elements can even be placed outside emails f.e. on websites/blogs as you can see yourself in this review.


You can get access to LetMailbox for a one-time price of $47.00.

(Note: vendors have indicated that the price will soon change to a monthly subscription model)

This offer has a full money back guarantee period of 30 days.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility to upgrade to LetMailbox Pro ($67.00-$77.00). With this upgrade, you’ll get unlimited features as:

  • Unlimited Personal Domains and Emails.
  • Post your Links on Social Media with copy/paste simplicity.
  • No LetMailbox Branding.
  • YouZign 2.0 Integration.
  • Pixabay and Tenor Gif Search/Integration.
  • White Label domains. This allows you to use your own domains with the overlay campaigns you create in your LetMailbox account.
  • Use branded email links with Link Masking. Shorten and mask your links.
  • Full DEVELOPER License.
  • Advanced PRO Image Editor.

Hence, awesome extra features. But only buy this upgrade if you really need these features.

As second upsell, you can get the LetMailbox AGENCY edition ($97.00). Now you can create multiple client domains (on a white label domain) and add users for your Clients and/or Virtual Assistants!

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I don’t know about any other app that has all the same features and benefits as LetMailbox.

But of course there are many apps that allow you to create some of these elements (some are even free to use).

That said, if you want to buy all these apps separately, you’ll probably have to pay more and it will take you more time as you have to switch between these applications and lose control over your stats.


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