LetImpact vs Provely vs Convertproof Comparison

What is the best Conversion Proof app?

LetImpact vs Provely vs Convertproof comparison

What is a Social Proof or Conversion Proof app?

You’ve probably seen them before. You know those small popup notifications on sales or subscription pages that show (real) people who have recently subscribed to the same email list, registered for a webinar, or bought the same product, as you are now looking at.

Convertproof Demo

These apps show real conversions, sales and/or signup proof on your pages 100% automatically.

Of course, these notification should give you the social proof or confidence to buy, subscribe or follow your call to action.

Aka the “Wisdom of the crowd” and “Fear of Missing Out” psychological effects…

And as these apps have proven to increase your conversions, you’ll see them more and more.

Not only on sales or squeeze pages, but also on give away, download, or pages with a content locker.

How do these Social Proof apps work?

Well, these apps use the same technique as Facebook or Google do with retargeting pixels…

The (cloud-based) app allows you to create and place a “conversion” pixel (just a short piece of code) on the thank you page (after someone buys).

And it creates a short script that you have to place on the actual sales (or subscription) page. This script “grabs” the details (as real name, profile image, time/date, and location) obtained by the pixel, and displays the notifications.

(Note: if you don’t use a landing page but solely a subscription page, you can use just place one piece of integrated code on that page that includes both the script and the pixel code)

Hence, you can use these apps on any web page you control and for conversations (sales, subscriptions etc.) where you can place a pixel code.

Some examples and software that you can use/integrate with:

ConvertProof works with any application

Depending on the software, you’ll have some choices with respect to the popup widget about how and when your notifications will be shown.

You can set your text, logo, (remove) app branding, widget form type, and time interval (real time, rotated).

Recently 3 Social/Conversion Proof apps have been launched.

On September 2nd, Convertproof came to the market. Unfortunately, the official launch period ended (and now the prices have been increased).

On September 26th, Provely has been launched. Unfortunately, the official launch period ended (and now the prices have been increased).

On October 3th, LetImpact has been launched.

Extra apps besides Social Proof

Before discussing and comparing the Social Proof component, let me first tell you about the built-in extra apps that come with LetImpact and Convertproof.

LetImpact comes (besides the Social Proof application) with a built-in “Viral Loop” list building application that works like this…

You stimulate your visitors to share your viral campaign among their friends and get their freebie/giveaway only delivered in case a certain amount of their friends enter the campaign (by entering their email address).

LetImpact Viral Loop

Watch the demo video to see how to setup a Viral Loop campaign inside LetImpact:

So, a very interesting extra viral feature that the other 2 apps don’t have.

Convertproof on the other hand, has the extra “Social Reviews” feature.

With this built-in feature (as part of the main front-end), you can automatically send buyers an email and ask for a review.

Now you have the choice to either display these reviews automatically on your sales page (last 3 reviews) as a widget (like the Social Proof widget).

Or you can embed these scrollable reviews/testimonials on your web page (anywhere on the page you want).

Scrollable Testimonial Convertproof

And with Convertproof Pro (the first upgrade) you can even use the testimonial box as Exit popup.

Convertproof Exit Popup

Provely has no other extras as the social proof/conversion notifications.

So far the extra features, besides the main Social Proof apps. Let’s start with the …

Social Proof App Comparison

This is all about the notifications aka call outs regarding real visitors actions.

Below a summary table with the main differences for usage on 1 domain:

Real data
(name, location, time)
Clickable Call Outs
Time Duration/Frequency
Display Options/Settings+++++++++
Dashboard & UI+++++++++++++
Stats & Reporting
Price for 1 Site$27.00 p/mo$97.00 p/y$97.00+ (one-time)
Sales PageLetImpactProvelyConvertproof


The official introduction launch for LetImpact is over. Although, you can see the “old prices” in the comparison table on the sales page, it now has a recurring fee of $27.00 per month!

You can increase that number to 5 domains with the Pro Upgrade ($49.00 p/m). However, in that case you’ll get a bunch of extra features as well (see below).

On the front-end sales pages for Convertproof a, you can select the same standard features for 3 ($97.00) or 25 domains ($147.00). If you’ll upgrade to Convertproof Pro ($97.00 p/y) you can use it on unlimited domains, plus you’ll get additional features as the Exit Intent Capture and Video Notify (Embed videos in your conversion proof notification).

Provely ($97.00 p/y) gives the option to go for 5 ($147.00 p/y) or unlimited (Provely) domains ($197.00 p/y) on the front-end page.

So, lets compare them now if you want more than one domain by only looking to the additional features…

Simulated Notifications
(Pro Feature)
Extra Animations
Embed YouTube videos
Remove branding
Agency Upgrade
Change branding
with URL redirect
Multiple campaigns
on one domain
Clickable Call Outs
to URL/TAB/JS Code
Price for 5 Sites(FE + Pro: $76 p/m)$147.00 p/y$147.00 (one-time)
Price for 25 Sites5X $76 p/m$197.00 p/y$147.00 (one-time)
Price for Unlimited SitesN/A$197.00 p/y$97.00 + $97.00 p/y
Sales PageLetImpactProvelyConvertproof

Some other questions you maybe have

Will these apps work with my Email Autoresponder?

Yes. the app auto-detects any opt-in form that is on the page and is smart enough to grab the contact details once submitted. So it’ll work with any email Autoresponder you may be using.

Do they work with page builders like ClickFunnels, LeadPages and WordPress?

Yes. As long as you can insert a few lines of Java-script into the body tag – you’re good to go.

Do they work with PayKickstart, Shopify and other shopping carts?

Yes. For most main stream shopping carts – these apps will work.

Will these apps slow down my site?

No. They use only a few lines of lightweight code.

Any shortcomings?

Be in mind that per campaign, you’ll set one standard text line as “Person A from Location has bought product X Z days ago”. This sentence is seen over and over again by your visitors. (Only LetImpact allows you to use different campaigns on one domain)

Also, although you’ll always get someones name, you can’t always get someones Location or public profile. In that case, the software uses “somewhere” as location and a gravatar as image (or platform logo as JVZoo).

For your info: Convertproof uses the City as location and Provely uses the Country as location, while LetImpact uses both.

With Convertproof you can’t set the time duration and frequency of the popups (about every 3 seconds), while you can only set the frequency with Provely, and with LetImpact you can set both.

Furthermore with Provely you have more options to change the style of the widget (square/round boxes and images, plus color palette).

Something to consider, if you are using real persons, maybe some buyers/subscribers won’t like it that you’ll show their details to others.

On the other side, if you are using fake persons and people will find out, this tool is counter-productive.


So, what’s the best application?

At the moment, LetImpact has the most advanced features but comes with the highest price.

Not only will you get the best and most advanced clickable conversion notification features, it comes with the built-in Viral Loop application and some great fast action bonuses (see the sales page).

However, if you want to collect reviews/testimonials (besides conversion notifications) and display the most recent ones automatically on your sales page, then go for Convertproof.

Provely has priced itself out of the market in comparison to Convertproof.

But whatever solution you’ll choose, you definitely will get a great application that shows social proof and probably will boost your conversions.

Upsell or OTO’s

Note: before you are allowed to buy any of the upsells below, you first have to buy one of the main front-end products.

The first upsell for LetImpact is LetImpact Pro (Platinum Version) ($49.00 p/m). With this Upgrade you’ll get these extra features:

  • Unlimited Visitors, 5 Domains, plus Developer License.
  • Upload your own Call-Outs. LetImpact Pro lets you choose from 100 random US/UK/India names for use in your call out OR upload a custom CSV to show your own Call Outs based on previous activity you recorded.
  • Add visitor’s Profile Image. Select what image will be displayed on your call out. Either display the location of the user, his/her profile picture (if stored on the net), or choose a static image that you can upload or customize with the Call-Out Click Enticer.
  • Custom design your Call-Outs. Select your background and text color (any color you want).
  • Extra Animations. You’ll get 15 more call out animation options (above the 5 animations in front-end).
  • Download your Captured Records into CSV format.
  • Capture UNCOMPLETED Forms (i.e. email address from people who didn’t buy/subscribe).
  • Embed YouTube videos in Call Outs. Simply past the YouTube Embed Code in the Call Out setup!
  • Detailed Reporting as Unique visitors per hour, Location (geographies, cities), Desktop/Mobile, Browser & Operating System usage.
  • Remove LetImpact branding. Remove the LetImpact branding and instead add your own Branding with redirection!
  • Clickable Call-Outs to any URL, Tab, Trigger JS Code, or YouTube embed code.
  • One-click clone campaigns.
  • Integrations with ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft using WebHooks technology.
  • Fast Action Bonuses:
    1. LetReach GOLD Version with developer rights
    2. LetSocify Gold Version with developer rights
    3. LetSharer with developer rights

As final upsell, you can get LetImpact Facebook Mastery ($197.00 – or 3 payments of $67.00). A 6 Module Facebook Marketing Excellence Program.

The first upsell for Convertproof is ConvertProof Pro ($27.00 p/mo or $97.00 p/y). Now you can use the app on unlimited domains, can add videos inside your notification widget, can show an exit widget with your social proof, get simulated data base to show “fake” conversions, and get access to the API (to linkup with your own custom solution).

Hence, a great upgrade. But only upgrade, if you really need these extra features.

As second upsell, you can get Convertproof Agency ($127.00). Now you’ll get the Commercial license. It allows you to create user access for your clients to manage their website under your account. Assign name, email and password to a website hosted under your account. Clients can login to view and manage their website (but clients cannot setup new websites).

As third upsell, you can get CrediResponse ($67.00). A great FB Messenger app to build your list from your FB fanpage with FB Messenger.

As final upsell, you can get the ConvertProof White Label ($127.00-$167.00). Now you are allowed to sell Convertproof under your own brand name and keep all the profits yourself. (Note: you’ll need to buy the main front-end plus first upgrade before you can buy the WL rights. Plus you can’t sell below the vendor prices)

After your main front-end purchase of Provely, you can upgrade to the “Agency + No Branding plan”.

My Bonuses

If you buy through my affiliate link (click on any link on this page), for each application (product in the funnel) you’ll buy, you can choose 1 (software) products for free on GeorgesDeals.com for every product you’ll buy in the funnel.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll buy LetImpact, Provely or Convertproof (and which license). Just tell me which product(s) you want.

I created this special LetImpact Bonus Page.

The vendors of Provely also allow me to give 7 extra bonuses (The Perfect Video Sales Letter (PDF), Scarcity Lock Plugin with RR, VSL Profit Blueprint, Worksheet & Mindmap, WP Video Optin Plugin, WP Coupon Pro with RR, Funnel Ignition Report (PDF)).

And you get 70 bonus points (plus 100 extra bonus points for each upsell you’ll buy) which you can change for great WP Plugins, Courses and other information products on Select Your Bonus.

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Select Your Bonus demo

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Other products from the same vendors

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Other products from the same sellers/creators

Kimberly & Danny de Vries have recently launched several products:

  • LetMailbox (tools to increase email conversions),
  • LetSpin.io. A fortune wheel app to increase user engagement and increase conversions.
  • LetVidimaze (app to show different videos while people are scrolling though your web page).


How do I get my bonuses?
Just send your purchase details to [email protected] and I will send your bonuses within 24 hours. Read more about my Policy and FAQ about bonuses.

Instead of your bonuses, can I get a cash rebate?
Yes, follow this link to see how you can get a cash rebate of 12,5% for (almost) all your products (front-end and/or up- and downsells) purchased via my affiliate links.

How to be sure you'll use my affiliate link?
No worries, follow this link to see how you can check that you'll use my affiliate links.

Can I get updates if you'll write a new review?
I have several Email Lists and other Notification Lists that you can subscribe to. You can select out of Email, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Notifications, and Browser Notifications. I segmented my email lists into 4 main topics: "New Reviews", "New Hacks", "New Product Launches", and "New Software White Label Launches". Just select your favorite topic(s) and way to get notified.

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