EasyVSL 3.0 Review and Bonus

EasyVSL 3.0 LogoProduct: EasyVSL 3.0
Type: Desktop Software (Adobe Air)
Price: $97.00 + $9.99 p/mo or $197.00 p/y
Creators: Mark Thompson & Matt Callen
EasyVSL is an Adobe Air based software tool (hence for both PC and MAC) to easily create Presentation Text Style videos. Normally you’ll probably create your video slides in Powerpoint, record the presentation and add your audio (voice-over). With this software you don’t need Powerpoint anymore and can create faster and better videos than by using Powerpoint.

Create Presentation Style Video Sales Letters Within Minutes

EasyVSL Stop Using Powerpoint

Mark Thompson and Matt Callen the creators of several high-end software solutions as PressPlay, Heatmap Tracker 2.0 and FreshMember have just upgraded their prior version of EasyVSL 2.0 with even better features.

What is EasyVSL 3.0?

EasyVSL 3.0 is an Adobe Air based software tool (hence for both PC and MAC) to easily create Presentation Text Style videos. It takes a simple written text script and turns it super fast into a great-looking (kinetic) video slide show. To complete your video, you can add graphics (built-in image database with over 1 million images) or use one of the slideshow templates.

Of course, you also want to add your audio (voiceover or background music). Either use your own voiceover or use the new text-to-speech recorder where you can choose out of men and female computer voices in multiple languages.

To synchronize your audio with your text slides used to be very time-consuming…

But with the new Automated Speech Recognition feature, this is done automatically for you!

What are Presentation Text Style videos?

You know those videos telling a story while showing the full text as spoken by the voice-over.

Normally you’ll probably create your video slides in Powerpoint, record the presentation and add your audio (voice-over).

The main problem with using Powerpoint is that it takes often quite some time to create the slides and set (and test) the proper display time for the slides.

EasyVSL is THE solution for easily set up your slides and (automatically) setting the proper display times. And you even don’t need Powerpoint anymore.

Main features of EasyVSL 3.0:

Create and manage all your sales (or demo) videos from within one interface by using these features:

  • Automatic Slide Creation. Paste in your text and EasyVSL generates slides for you automatically. No more manually entering content slide by slide.
  • Built-In Design Templates. The software comes with many professional background themes to boost your viewer’s experience. Or you can use/add your own theme.
  • [New] “Kinetic” Style Videos. Increase your visitors attention even more with these 10 built-in Kinetic slide and transition effects.
  • Drag & Drop Editor. Add text (choose out of many different fonts), images, animations & effects, and more with the easy-to-use Drag & Drop video builder.
  • Add one or more videos right inside your presentation as separate video slide. This allows you to quickly combine videos into one powerful presentation video.
  • 1-Click Import of Audio Files. This allows you to quickly generate your video with professional quality audio (voice-over or background audio).
  • Built-in Speech Recorder and Text-To-Speech feature. Just record your own voice (per slide) or let the a computer voice presents all your slides.
  • Eye-Popping Slide Animation Options. Increase the effectiveness and perfect your video with customized Slide Transitions (with one-click multiple slide settings).
  • Automatic Translator. With the built-in translator you can translate entire videos into ANY language with just one click!
  • [New} Instant Image Search Library & YouZign integration. You get instant access to over 1 million royalty free images/graphics that you can select directly from inside EasyVSL.
  • Easy Text & Graphics Editing. Over 30+ Fonts included.
  • [New] Sound Effect Library. Add sound effects to your slide and text transitions. Use the built-in sound effects library or upload your own!
  • [New] Import EasyVSL Presentations. Now you can export and import (or share) EasyVSL presentations from one to another computer running EasyVSL.
  • Export Slides as PDF Presentation to use for your voice-over or share the slides.
  • 1-Click Video Syndication.. Upload & Syndicate your videos with HD Quality (mp4 format) to video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and many others from directly inside the application. Or just use the mp4 file to embed anywhere you want.
  • [Upcoming feature] Import Powerpoint & Keynote Presentations. In the next release, you can import existing Microsoft Powerpoint and Keynote presentations right into EasyVSL.

I’m still looking for a good demo video for the latest version 3.0 but you can watch this demo video for version 2.0 below.

So as you can see, a really awesome solution to create “presentation style” videos.

Are there any shortcomings?

Well, as with all software, it takes some time to get used to it. But this software has a style learning curve. After your first video creation, you probably will know all the details. You just can’t imagine why and how you ever used Powerpoint before.

This is such a time-saver and easy to use, you can now create all your videos yourself and don’t need any professional or outsourcer to help you.

The only boring task (but one that can be performed very quickly) that you still have to do manually, is to add the [Control-Enter] commands on the text script to split your slides properly.

And as you probably would expect, the quality of the Text-To-Speech computer voices is quite natural, but you can still hear that those voices are spoken by the computer.

Also, keep in mind that this video creator is for “presentation style” videos. It isn’t for demonstration videos or screen recording. For animation or sketch videos, there are better tools like VideoMakerFX, Explaindio 3.0 Video Creator or Easy Sketch Pro 3.0.

However, you can add any type of video right inside your EasyVSL presentation video, this opens endless new ways to create really engaging videos.

Why should you buy EasyVSL 3.0?

Because it’s the easiest and best “presentation style video creator” on the market. It has no branding and it’s so flexible and easy to use. It’s a huge time saver. The Audio/Slide synchronization is a feature that I have never seen before. So easy to use, just mark a checkbox with one click. Hence your (synchronization) editing time almost disappears.

The software has been used by 40,000+ of enthusiastic users and the creators have listened to them to get all the bugs out of the software and add cool new features.

And with all the new features, this release is definitely worth your investment.


You can buy EasyVSL 3.0 Main Personal License for a first payment of $97.00, plus a monthly fee of $9.99. Or a yearly fee of $197.00.

What if you are already an EasyVSL 1.0 or 2.0 user?

Then visit this special link to upgrade your version (initial payment of $37.00 instead of $97.00, plus $9.99 p/mo).
(Note: this link won’t work for new clients, don’t try to be smart)

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Other Comparable Products

Last year some other great video creator software programs came to the market. However all of them are more specific for animation and sketch videos. Check my reviews for Explaindio 3.0 Video Creator or Easy Sketch Pro 3.0.

There is no other comparable “presentation style video creator” on the market that has this kind of advanced features.

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  • Email Spike. Add Embedded Videos, Animated GIFs, and/or Countdown Timers inside your emails. Works with all autoresponders.
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  • Webinar Ignition. WordPress plugin to create Webinar Platform using Google Hangouts.

I can recommend all these great software solutions above.

So check them out! But first buy EasyVSL.


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