Dropified Review and Bonus

Dropified White LogoProduct: Dropified
Type: Web-based App + Chrome extension
Price: $47.00-$97.00 p/m
Creator: Chase Bowers – Dropified
Dropified is a powerful software combo that allows you to manage and scale all your Shopify stores from one place. Not only you can automate the research, selection, sourcing and product import processes for all your products from 53 sources (including AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy), but it’s also comes with automated features for the fulfilling of your customer orders. A huge time-saver and must have application for any serious Shopify store owner.

Automate your Drop Shipping business

Dropified Review and Bonus

What is Dropified?

Dropified (formerly known as Shopified App) is a Web-based App + Chrome extension to manage all your Shopify stores from one place. Not only you can easily research, find, source and import your products from multiple sources, but it’s also comes with features for the back-end processing.

Actually Dropified has 4 levels of Drop Shipping Automation:

  • Automates product research.
  • Automates adding products to your Store.
  • Automates fulfilling customer orders.
  • Automates scaling your business.

The Dropified App uses an API to connect with your Shopify stores and allows you to perform all major tasks. The Chrome Extension is for sourcing and easily shows the top rated products/vendors and products with free ePacket shippings.

Researching & Sourcing Features:

Dropified AliExpress Selection Example

In this example, you can see the top rated products by the number of diamonds and products with Free ePacket Shipment items in green (you can also hide the red items).

Dropified allows you to easily research and source products from all major eCommerce market places and upload multiple products with 1-click to multipe Shopify product boards. And all necessary details (as descriptions, images, reviews) are automatically imported.

You can even setup multiple product variants and automatically set your prices with the easy margin setup and price multiplier.

Dropifies comes with these additional smart product sourcing features:

  • Filtering. Enable ePacket Identifications. Show/hide products with ePacket, Hide Non Top Rated vendors.
  • US Products Database with over 10,000 products that ship from the US.
  • 1-Click Save for later.
  • Organize and Save your products in “Pinterest alike” product boards.
  • Change Product description, tags, prices, type, variants, and vendor info in browser before uploading.
  • Product Availability Alerts.
  • Product Price Change Alerts.
  • Quick Default Settings & Saves Shipping options.
  • Send Multiple Products to Shopify with all details (description, type, tags, images, reviews).
  • Easily download all Product images.
  • Easily Product Variant Setup.
  • Set Automatic Margins.
  • Bulk Editing of Products, In-App Image Editor.
  • Auto Pricing and Inventory Updates.

Currently Dropified allows you to source on 53+ product marketplaces with 1-click product importing. The list includes:

AliExpress, AliBaba, ShineOn, Amazon (.com .co.uk, .de, .fr), eBay (.com .co.uk), Tmart, SammyDress, DHGate, Wish, Walmart, Etsy, Costco, Overstock, Banggood, Groupon Goods, Blinq, Teespoon, LAShowroom, Sunfrog, FashionGo, Kmart, GrandinRoad.com, OpticsPlanet.com, Tmall, Wanelo, Taobao, ToysRus, Target, GearBest, PartyCity., BedBathAndBeyond, WayFair, NotOnTheHighStreet, AllStarHealth, QVC / QVC UK, Staples, Vat19, TurnOverSinc, GMarket, WholeSaleCentral, ChildrensPlace, Crazy8, FastTech, WholeSaleVapor, CapellaFlavors, SheIn, Pro Flowers, Dog Supplies, Rose Whole Sale, and Wedding Factory Direct.

But that’s just the front-end. What about the back-end of your Stores?

Ordering & Fulfillment Features

Dropified Ordering Example

(Click on image to enlarge it, and back button to return)

You have full control over how you to (auto) fulfill your AliExpress orders. You can choose between Step-by-Step, 1-Click, or 1-Click with Shipping Selection orders.

Hence, it removes the need to go back and forth trying to copy and paste customer info. Now you can fulfill an order with just 1 simple click or semi-automatically by using the Step-by-Step processing which give you just a little better overview what’s going on and you can adjust some of the ordering details if necessary. (But if you have done this process several times and did setup your settings properly, you’ll soon use the full automatic processing!)

Note: at the moment, you only have the ability for the 1-Click order automation with AliExpress, but there are plans to introduce order placement automation for other sites in the near future.

These are the current AliExpress order fulfillment features:

  • View and Manage Shopify orders with order tracking.
  • 1-Click AliExpress Order Fulfillment.
  • Auto Save AliExpress Order ID.
  • Auto Scan & Update Tracking Numbers.
  • Automatically Marked Orders as Fulfilled.
  • Edit Shopify Order Notes.
  • Save Order Info to Shopify Notes.
  • Custom Order Notes to Supplier.
  • Easy Order Filtering.
  • Advanced Variant Mapping. This means you can combine product items from multiple vendors in one bundle!
  • AliExpress Captcha Solver.
  • Bundle Products.
  • Use Awaiting Orders and pay all outstanding order invoices at once in one batch (up to 100 payments!).
  • Easy Customer Updates (Automatically send shipping confirmation emails to your customers).

Dropified Testimonial

What makes Dropified so special?

If you’ll do your product sourcing, importing and fulfillment manually, it will take you way more time than using Dropified.

Plus you can save money by finding the lowest prices (on AliExpress or between vendors) and increase profits by offering more products – in bundles and combining items from different vendors.

Time saving examples:

  • Adding a Product to your Store in as little as 10 seconds instead of 15 minutes.
  • Handling Product Customization in 5 minutes instead of 16 minutes.
  • Updating Product Pricing in 1 minute instead of 10 minutes (when a vendor changes its pricing).
  • Fulfilling orders in about 10-20 seconds instead of 5 minutes.

Plus all the benefits as:

  • Faster finding products with lowest price or ePacket delivery.
  • Ordering super fast from 53+ stores.
  • Bundling products from different vendors with multiple variants.

Watch the demo video below…

Note: this demo is about a year old and still speaks about Shopified App, but it still gives a good overview of all the features.

Some Dropified stats

  • 15,800+ Stores use Dropified.
  • 21,200 Users use Dropified daily.
  • 1,5 million Products added.
  • 6,2+ million Products fulfilled.

Are there any shortcomings?

As Dropified is a web-based application with handy Chrome Extension, you only have to install the Chrome Extension once with a click of a button and connect the app with your Shopify stores. Thereafter, you can use the app in combination with the app from any device with internet connection and Chrome browser.

Inside the Dropified App there are video tutorials that you can watch.

There is also a Slack community and you can contact the vendor’s support.

The app is very easy to use. Of course, if you are new to drop shipping and sourcing/ordering via AliExpress (or any other platform) it will take some time to understand and use these platforms the best.

As it’s a web-based application just as Shopify itself, you rely on the API and “working, up-time, and hosting” of Shopify.

But both Shopify and Dropified Apps are used by many users and have excellent up-time and hosting capabilities.

Overall, I really like this application and it’s definitely worth your investment.

That said, the creators will come up with some amazing new features in the coming updates…

Release 1.5 updates

  • Profit Dashboard.
  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Improvements to Price Alert / Inventory.
  • Elastic Search filter and index update.
  • Youzign API integration.
  • Custom line attributes (order notes per product).
  • Import tracking numbers from a CSV file.
  • Schedule order exports.
  • Fulfill items with the same tracking sim.
  • And about 20 others.

Why should you buy Dropified?

Because it’s the perfect tool for automating your drop shipping business in combination with using Shopify. This app will save you hours of time by automating your product research, adding/importing products to your store(s), and fulfilling your orders via AliExpress. It’s the perfect application to scale your business.


There are 2 plans…

The Dropified Builder License allows you to use Dropified for $47.00 per month and comes with these maximum restrictions: 15,000 Products, 50 Product Boards, 1,000 Orders a Month, and 5 Users.

The Dropified Premier License allows you to use Dropified for $97.00 per month and comes with these maximum restrictions: 50,000 Products, 250 Product Boards, 20,000 Orders a Month, and 25 Users.

Both have a 14 days free trial period where you can get used to the software and during that period you’ll get emails and tutorials how to use Dropified to get the maximum out of it and how to build your eCom business the right way.

Upsells and OTOs

There are no upsells or one-time offers.

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