Doodly Review and Bonus [Re-opened]

DoodlyProduct: Doodly
Type: Desktop Software
Price: $39.00-$69.00 p/mo
Creator: Jimmy Kim
Doodly is a new simple to use desktop software (for both PC and Mac) to easily and quickly create “Doodle Style” (Hand Drawing / Sketch) videos. Not only Whiteboard videos, but Blackboard videos as well. Although Doodly comes with built-in library of characters (with different poses), images, props and audio, you can add any PNG/JPEG image you want and set your own drawing path style to each image. Hence, you can now create awesome looking doodle style videos without spending money and time on finding “expensive” SVG images.

Make Doodle Videos As Fast As Possible

Doodly Review and Bonus

New Years Special Offer
one-time price closed forever at January 2nd 2017 – 11:59PM

What is Doodly?

Doodly is a new simple to use desktop software (for both PC and Mac) to easily and quickly create “Doodle Style” (Hand Drawing / Sketch) videos.

What makes Doodly unique?

  1. Super easy to use and fast Doodle video creator. Fully Drag and Drop interface with point and click easy to use Time-line. No technical experience, Coding or Programming required.
  2. Blackboard and Whiteboard style videos. With one click you can change between white- or blackboard.
  3. Use any PNG or JPEG Image you want and create your own “Doodly Draw Path”. This unique feature allows you to upload your own images and really grab your viewers attention by setting an unique drawing path for each image (i.e. you can specify how the image will be drawn on the canvas). (No expensive SVG/Vector images needed!)

Doodly has been designed with simplicity as main focus point. You won’t find fancy features that requires a long learning curve and takes time to complete.

No, with Doodly you can create doodle videos within minutes.

Just follow these steps…

Doodly Simple 3 Step Process

Other main features of Doodly:

  • MAC and PC 32bit or 64bit compatible. Requires Windows 7 or higher for PC and Mac OSX 10.10 or higher. (Note: this software also requires a internet connection because it uploads the built-in library of images from the internet)
  • Built-in library of high quality images and audio. Inside, you’ll get 200 basic characters and poses, plus 200 simple images and props. Each character and image has been custom made and has a unique hand drawn path.
  • Import/Upload your own images, audio (voice over or music) and fonts.
  • Unlimited Personal Use. Create as many Doodle videos as you want.
  • Export video files in .mp4 with varying resolution (360p-1080p), Frames Per Second (24-60) and Quality (Low: 62% – Max 100%).

Doodly versus Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

As you know by reading my review about Easy Sketch Pro, I’m a fan of this advanced Sketch video creator.

Easy Sketch Pro has way more features in comparison to Doodly.

For example with ESP you can create really interactive videos by combining videos inside videos and transforming drawings into playing videos for real cool effects. Or by adding hot spots, social media buttons, opt-ins, and interactive Call to Actions inside your videos.

Also, ESP comes with a larger built-in library of images, pens, animations, and hand styles.

So with respect to the number of options and features, ESP is the clear winner.

However, maybe you don’t need all these extra (interactive) features.

If you just want to create a simple doodle style video without any interaction, maybe you’ll prefer Doodly.

Especially, because Doodly is easier to use and learn. And…

Doodly is the only Sketch video creator that lets you create Blackboard videos as well as Whiteboard videos. Plus…

You can define your own hand drawn path for each individual image.

These two unique features alone are worth your investment.

SVG/Vector versus PNG/JPEG images

To draw an image in Easy Sketch Pro, you need either SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images. Or you can also add PNG, JPEG or GIF images.

The ESP software can sketch out these images. This means that the hand is drawing the main lines and it ends with the (photo) image. But for a smoother result, you have to use SVG images. These have often transparent backgrounds and are better scalable. Unfortunately, SVG images can be costly and not that easy to find.

(Note: to make it easier for you to find high quality vector images, see my post Vector Images for Animation or Sketch Videos)

With Doodly you can use PNG and/or JPEG images (no GIFs). As there are way more PNG and JPEG images in comparison to SVG images, there are no limitations anymore.

After uploading, Doodly sets the drawing path style for your PNG/JPEG image in a kind of “blurring style”. (It looks like the opposite of an eraser; the image “blurs up” by hand swiping over it).

Luckily you can change the drawing path in Doodly for “smoother” looking results by just adding a few points/clicks as you can see in the example below.
(With ESP you can’t change the drawing path style)

Doodly Example

How would I use Doodly?

For me, Doodly is the perfect tool to create short video ads to use in my YouTube and Facebook video advertising campaigns.

Especially on Facebook, instead of just showing your static image ad, you can grab more attention by showing these automatically playing doodle style video ads (and subsequently improve your click through rates and lower your Facebook advertising costs).

Of course, you can also use these videos to replace static images or ads anywhere on your website or blog.

But to be honest, for more advanced and interactive doodle style sales videos, I still prefer Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 (also because you can obtain ESP for a one-time price).

Are there any shortcomings?

Although the built-in library of characters (with different poses), images and props is of high quality, it’s probably not sufficient for all your needs. But don’t worry, you can use any PNG or JPEG image. However, be in mind that you probably want to add/change your own drawing path style to each uploaded image as well. Not hard to do, but it will take you some extra time.

Why you should buy Doodly?

Because with Doodly you have probably the easiest and fastest sketch video creation software available on the market right now.

Not only can you create Whiteboard videos, but you can as easily create Blackboard videos as well.

But for me the real extra power lies in the possibility to use any PNG/JPEG image you want and add your own drawing path style to each image.

Hence, now you can create awesome looking doodle style videos without spending money and time on finding “expensive” SVG images.


There are 2 membership levels: Standard and Enterprise.

The Standard starts with a monthly fee of $39.00 (billed annually). The Enterprise is $69.00 per month.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

And you can cancel your subscription any time you want.

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Other related products

As described above, I’m really a fan of Easy Sketch Pro 3.0. (click on the link to read my full review).

If you want to use whiteboard style videos, but don’t want to use your own voice, check out TTS Sketch Maker. This software comes with 18 different “natural sounding” computer voices in different languages.

If you want to make animation videos, check out my review about Explaindio 3.0.

Do you want to use PowerPoint style text slides for your videos, but want to save time to create all those slides? Checkout my review about EasyVSL 3.0 – software to create professional slides with one click of a button (from a text file, i.e. your sales copy text).

And if you buy one of the animation or sketch video creators, checkout my “summarize” post with the best Vector images or Video backgrounds, Motions and Audio Tracks.

Other products from same creator/seller:

Jimmy Kim launched Doodly together with Brad Callen.

They have launched one more product together: Review Trust. Click on the link to read my full review about this awesome tool to collect, manage, and publish customer reviews on autopilot.

Jimmy is a well-known product developer with several best sellers on JVZoo.

Jimmy is also the owner/creator of SendLane, an Email Service Provider/Autoresponder platform.

Among other products, these are some of Jimmy Kim’s products:

  • Doodly. Click on the link to read my review for this excellent Sketch Video Creation tool.
  • Push Connect Notify [Closed].
  • Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX [Sold to Richard Madison]. Image Creation Suite. Now part of Lifetime Studio FX.

So Jimmy’s products are created by and for internet marketers. He knows what he’s doing and he is giving adequate support on his products (from his team located in the US – 18 staff).


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