Doodleoze Review and Bonus

Doodleoze logoProduct: Doodleoze
Type: Desktop Software (PC/Mac)
Price: $47.00-$67.00
Creators: Andrew Darius – Explaindio Team
Doodleoze is a new doodle (hand drawing/sketch) video creator to create attention grabbing, professional looking, explainer, sales, and training videos in just minutes. Besides the video creator, you’ll get access to 500 doodle (SVG) sketch images, 100 Full HD Background videos, 245+ Text Animations with various effects, and 300+ fonts.

Create Doodle Videos Like Never Before

Doodleoze Review and Bonus

What is Doodleoze?

Doodleoze is a new desktop software (for both PC and Mac) to easily create doodle (hand drawing/sketch) videos.

It’s been created by the Explaindio Team who are the creators of the very successful animation/explainer video creator Explaindio 4.0.

With Doodleoze you can draw on blackboard, whiteboard, greenboard, paperboard, and even glassboard. You can choose from a large variety of drawing hands and even import your own hand.

So you can create all kinds of doodle style videos as explainer, sales, and training videos in just minutes.

Besides the video creator, you’ll get access to:

  • 500 doodle (SVG) sketch images,
  • 100 Full HD Background videos,
  • 245+ Text Animations with various effects,
  • 300+ fonts.

Watch this demo video to learn more about the features..

How does the App work?

As most video creators, Doodleoze has a timeline where you can add all kind of elements and arrange them in any order and show the items at the exact time you want.

In the timeline, you can select your canvas, background music, and elements by just clicking on the proper button…

  • Add Text (with different fonts and colors)
  • Add Doodle
  • Add Bitmap image
  • Add Video
  • Add Animated Gif
  • Add Audio
  • Close Canvas

Plus for each element, you can select out of a bunch of hand types and animations to drag your elements around the canvas exactly the way you want them.

And every video you’ll use comes with a sketch-by-hand animation effect. This is a mind blowing effect where the software will sketch out the opening scene. You can even set the drawing time of the sketch before it transitions to video.

So, by using the timeline and adding videos and/or objects, you can create any kind of video you want and “nest” videos together and switch from sketching to video playing while showing objects and text with attention-grabbing animations/transitions and (text) effects (as showing letter by letter, kinetic text in/out).

Also, the software comes with commercial rights. Hence, you can create unlimited videos and sell them to your clients for any price you want.

Are there any shortcomings?

At the moment I didn’t find any real shortcomings yet. The App is easy to use and rather fast as it runs on your own PC/Mac (or laptop).
(However, Internet is required for initial install and cloud access)

In the members area you can watch demo videos on how to use the software.

It’s important to notice that to draw an image, you need SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images. Although the software comes with 500 of these SVG images, it’s possible that you can’t find the proper image(s) for your video. Of course, you can add your own SVG images, but you must have the rights to use them (either buy them or use Common Creative images).

To make it easier for you to find high quality vector images, see my post Vector Images for Animation or Sketch Videos.

And (as second upsell) you can also upgrade to the Doodleoze Club ($19.00 p/m or $133.00 p/y). Now you’ll get instantly access to 20,000 royalty free to use SVG images (instead of just 500). And you’ll get access to 4,000 background videos (instead of 100).

Doodleoze vs Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is a simpler tool where you don’t use a timeline but start right from the canvas from where you add the elements (and select the hands). The video plays like you ordered the individual elements. Hence, if you want to change the order, it’s not that easy.

With Doodleoze you have more control about the exact time and ordering of your elements as you can simply adjust them in the timeline.

In general, Doodleoze is more advanced and has more advanced video creation features.

That said, with Easy Sketch Pro 3.0, you also get access to the SaaS platform On this platform you can change any video you want (YouTube, Vimeo or self hosted) into an interactive video player with customisable player settings, but most importantly adding HotSpots to your video.

As most of you won’t need the hotspots, I think Doodleoze is the better deal.

Why should you buy Doodleoze?

Because Doodleoze is one of the best doodle style (sketch) video creation software apps on the market right now. The App is easy to use and anyone can now create attention-grabbing sales or demo videos with cool animations and effects. No technical experiences needed.

Before it would cost you a fortune to buy these kind of doodle style videos. Now you can create them easily yourself. Especially if you take into account the ridiculous low….


You can get access to Doodleoze for $47.00 (personal) or $67.00 (commercial).

The offer has a 14 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

As first upsell, you can upgrade to Doodleoze Agency ($67.00). Now you’ll get 5 More Doodleoze Licenses. Hence, you can give access to your team members or VAs. Plus you’ll get an additional (built-in) integration to a library of 1,5 million royalty free images that you can use as objects in your Doodle videos.

As second upsell, you can become a member of the Doodleoze Club ($19.00 p/m or $133.00 p/y). Now you’ll get immediately access to 20,000 royalty free to use SVG images (instead of just 500), and 4,000 background videos (instead of just 100).

As third and fourth upsell, you can get the 500 emotional drawn characters pack ($47.00) or 1700 emotional drawn characters pack ($77.00).

My Doodleoze bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link (just click on any link on this page) you can select one product for free on for each product you’ll buy in the funnel.

Plus you’ll get these special bonuses.

To get your bonuses, just send your receipt to [email protected] and I will send your bonuses within 24 hours.

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Other related products

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If you want to make animation videos, check out my review about Explaindio 4.0 (from the same creators/vendors as Doodleoze).

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And if you buy one of the animation or sketch video creators, checkout my “summarize” post with the best Vector images or Video backgrounds, Motions and Audio Tracks.


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