ConnectAutomate Review and Bonus

ConnectAutomate LogoProduct: ConnectAutomate
Type: Cloud-based Software
Price: $297.00 p/y
Creator: Wilco de Kreij
ConnectAutomate is a new cloud-based platform to automatically filter and turn your most engaging Facebook posts into high-converting ads without doing manually all the boring/repeating ad creation, monitoring, and renewing tasks. Must have tool for any serious Facebook advertiser who wants to increase conversions and enjoy lower ad costs with proven engaging targeted Facebook ads (besides it’s a huge time saver).

New Facebook Advertising Automation Tool

ConnectAutomate Review and Bonus

What is ConnectAutomate?

ConnectAutomate is the latest addition to the suite of apps created by Wilco de Kreij – all apps dedicated to improve your Facebook advertising results.

The now consists of these 5 main applications:

  • ConnectAudience to synchronize your CRM/Autoresponder into Facebook Custom Audiences.
  • ConnectLeads to get/import Facebook Lead ads into your autoresponder.
  • ConnectExplore to easily find the best Facebook Interests to target to.
  • ConnectRetarget to easily run behavorial retargeting campaigns based upon people’s actions on your website.
  • ConnectAutomate (the latest app where this review is all about)

Note: ConnectAutomate is a stand-alone application but if you have bought one or more of the other apps, you’ll have them all in one central dashboard.

Connectio Apps

As I wrote reviews for the prior 4 apps (just click on the links above), now it’s time to review ConnectAutomate… So, let’s start…

ConnectAutomate is a new cloud-based platform to automatically filter and turn your best Facebook posts into high-converting Facebook advertising campaigns without doing manually all the boring/repeating ad creation, monitoring, and renewing tasks.

You only have to set up your filters/rules once, and the app automatically sets up, monitors, and updates your Facebook ad campaigns based upon Facebook Insight’s data.

To set up your campaign, just follow these 4 easy steps:

ConnectAutomate Steps

1. Boost Conditions

Here you select your Facebook Page, Post Type(s), Number of Posts to promote at once, set your filters, and select the timeframe.

What kind of posts can you use for your ads?

You can select any type of post. Text posts? Video Or images? No problem. You can filter out only the post types that you want.

But of course, you only want to use relevant ads. So, you can choose a timeframe, i.e. select the last x days period from when you want your posts to be tracked.

What kind of filters can you use?
You can filter on the number/percentage of:

  • Post Likes
  • Post Comments
  • Post Shares
  • Clickthrough Rate
  • Share Rate
  • Likes Rate
  • Comments Rate

And you can just use one filter or multiple filters (AND feature).

2. Campaign Settings

Here you select your ad account, give your ad campaign a name (or decide to us an existing campaign), and set your ad objectives.

(You know the common Facebook objectives as optimized for Conversions, Page Likes, Post Engagement, Reach, Video Views etc.)

3. Adset Settings

Based upon your selected objective, you can now enter your ad settings as:

  • Adset name (you can automatically add the name of the post to distinguish your ads)
  • Duration: number of running days
  • Budget
  • Target Audience where you can create a new one or use an existing audience.
  • Optimization goal

Note: by creating a target audience (even if the filter doesn’t convert that post into an ad), you can select that audience later on for targeting purposes for other ads. This is a “hidden” feature that makes your targeting so much easier!

4. Rule Settings

Here you can give your rule settings a name (and save it for later usages) and decide whether you want to get an email alert once a new campaign has been triggered.

So, here you have it. Just enter these details once and let the app automatically create new FB ad campaigns based upon your triggers and only convert them most engaging posts into ads.

You still think that you can do this yourself and don’t need automation?

Well, just have a look at the steps you have to perform to do this yourself…

ConnectAutomate Manual Steps Small
Click to enlarge

So far my description about the main app features. But if you want to see it in action, just watch Wilco’s introduction webinar to see all details…

Note: the actual demo of ConnectAutomate starts around the 50th minute.

What makes ConnectAutomate unique?

It’s the first and only application that allows you to automate the process of “boosting” engaging Facebook posts into a high-converting ad targeted to the right audience(s) without using the auto boost feature but by automatically using Facebook’s Ad Manager plus Facebook’s Insights combined with pre-set rules and filters to optimize your ads for the best conversions.

So, it saves you lots of ad monitoring and ad creation time that you otherwise had to do manually. Also as it automates the process of converting posts into ads, you never have to miss an opportunity to “boost” your posts (on time) when it goes viral or has lots of engagement.

Furthermore, ConnectAutomate allows you to build custom audiences for every post you create (and did set up an automated campaign for). Even if that post didn’t trigger the rules to convert it into an ad, the audiences reached can still be very relevant for other ads in the future.

(Other) Main features of ConnectAutomate:

  • Cloud-based. Hence you can get access on both Mac and PC, and on any device with internet connection.
  • Effective Menu and User Interface. This software is super easy to use, no experience needed.
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages with simple FB integration.
  • Unlimited Set & Forget Boost Post Rules.
  • Auto-optimize towards your conversions. The algorithm monitors the results of your posts and your ads, and makes necessary changes to get maximum conversions.
  • Auto-Log. (A history of every rule you created and how it performed)
  • Auto-Targeting. Fully optimized for your desired results (conversions, sales, or engagement).
  • Auto-Update via e-mail updates when specific rules are triggered.
  • Easy to understand video tutorials.
  • Fully integrated with Facebook’s Ad API and fully compliant with Facebook TOS.

Are there any shortcomings?

Not really, this is a great piece of software. It’s the only tool on the market right that can fully automate and convert engaging posts into ads.

The creator Wilco de Kreij (also from the Netherlands as I’m), is a well-know “Facebook software creator/seller” with earlier high-end products as ConnectLeads, ConnectAudience, ConnectRetarget, ConnectExplore, UpViral, and more.

In all these cases, Wilco was the first who came to the market with new never seen before options for Facebook Marketers and Advertisers.

He really wants to help you out and his support is outstanding.

Why should you buy ConnectAutomate?

Because this is the only tool on the market right now that lets you easily and automatically filter and turn your most engaging Facebook posts into high-converting ads without doing manually all the boring/repeating ad creation, monitoring, and renewing tasks. It’s a must have set-and-forget tool for any serious Facebook advertiser who wants to increase conversions and enjoy lower ad costs with proven engaging targeted Facebook ads (besides it’s a huge time saver and easy tool to create custom audiences for any post you publish).


During this special launch, you can get access to ConnectAutomate for a yearly fee of $297.00.

When you break it down, it’s about $0.83 per day to get your own personal butler checking your Facebook Pages 24/7, and turning only your best posts into ads!

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

As first upsell, you can get access to the “ConnectIQ Academy“. An advanced “everything you ever wanted to know about succeeding with Facebook ads” course ($497.00) with life-time access.

In case you won’t take advantage of that upsell, check out the downsell: the “Perfect Ad Formula” ($127.00). A course for those who struggle with coming up with ads that convert, and continue to convert for a long time…

My ConnectAutomate Bonuses

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And if you’ll buy the first or second upsell, you can choose 2 extra products for free on

Bonus #3: WP Scarcity Plus

WP Scarcity Plus Plugin
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Bonus #4: UberOptin

Once you’ve retargeted someone, use the UberOptin WordPress plugin to get them to opt-in to your email subscriber list so you can get them into your funnels over and over.

Bonus #5: The “Email List Maximizer” Formula

Email List Maximizer
This guide will teach you how to build stronger bonds, instill stronger credibility and increase your opt-in list response with relative ease!

Bonus #6: The “Facebook Powerhouse” Formula

Facebook Powerhouse
Discover how to finally drive huge traffic from Facebook! This guide is filled with tips and ideas that will allow you to take your Facebook game to the next level.

Bonus #7: The “Retargeting Conversions” Blueprint

Retargeting Conversions Blueprint
This video training will teach you all there is to know of retargeting – all the way from the basics up to deep funnel retargeting. A must-have course to increase your conversions!

Bonus #8: Smart Funnel Blueprint

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Bonus #9: Facebook Recurring Mastery

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Bonus #10: Build Strong Relationships With Your List

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Bonus #11: List Authority – The Ultimate Game Plan

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Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How To Build An Email List of 1000 Subscribers in 30 Days
  • The Best “Bribes” For List Building
  • The Most Effective Ways To Turn Your List Into Profits
  • The Art of Follow-Up and Sequencing

Along with the ebook, you’ll also get a checklist, resource cheat sheet and mindmap for easy implementation.

Bonus #12 – List Building – Pitfalls Revealed

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When it comes to email marketing there are MANY mistakes you can make… which is what we’d like to prevent.

This ebook will show you all $1000 mistakes people make, and teaches you how to prevent them.

Bonus #13 – List Cleaning from A to Z

List Cleaning from A to Z
Discover how to maintain high response rates by effectively cleaning your lists… without cleaning too much!

This specific video course was designed so you can watch step-by-step, click by click, what you need to do to ensure you are able to successfully and effectively maintain your email list the right way.

Bonus #14 – 100+ proven autoresponder messages

100+ Proven Autoresponder MessagesSetting up autoresponder sequences are the most effective way to leverage your email list.

That’s why you’ll even get 100+ proven and tested Autoresponder messages for the marketing-niche that you can queue up in your autoresponder right away, without doing all the hard work yourself!

If you buy through my affiliate link, you get all bonuses above and you get 100 bonus points, which you can change for great WP Plugins, Courses and other information products on Select Your Bonus.

Select Your Bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily I add new bonuses. You can use your bonus points whenever you want. They will be valuable forever. So you don’t need to hurry to change them into bonuses. Unused points will be kept at your account (until usage). In the animated image below you can see some of the bonuses you can select.

Select Your Bonus demo

To get your bonuses, just send your receipt to [email protected] and I will activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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